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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thankful Thursday

First, Laz wants ta esplain that rubbing against the cinder block (yesserdays post) is pleasing and comfy.  We all agree TBT has Magic Fingers, but sometimes we want to choose the spot ourselfs.

LORI:  2 good pieces of information.  One, I am really all healed from my LadyGarden Operation.   This is actally 2 week old now. I can hardly even find it now.

The other news is that I may get to go OUT soon.  Marley says he saw the harness on the table today.   OK, I saw it too of course, but I didn't know what it was.  Marley says I have to wear it a few times while learning the OUTSIDE.  Well, as Ive said he KNOWS stuff and I pay attenshun ta what he says.

I asked Laz about it, an HE said I could get out of it but better to allow it for more OUT time.  So, I'll try to keep it on.  

Im ecited.  TBT has carried me OUT a few times but with a serious grip on my front leg.  This harness thing seems ta mean I can put my paws down and maybe walk around some.   Laz is kinna ecited too.  He wants ta show me mousies.  

Marley is glad too, but says if I try to get near the fence, he will seriosly whap me.  He says the fence is the edge of the house an we Dont Leave The House.  He was pretty serious about that.

I just wanna sit on the deck and hear the sounds an smell the smells.   But Laz tells me I won't wanna stop there.  Well, HE knows some stuff too.  His first time OUT is HERE.  I am studying it so I know what ta do.