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Sunday, May 01, 2022

Lori Goes OUTSIDE!

LORI:   I have finally gotten outside!  OK, sure TBT carried me out in his arms a few times so I could look and sniff fer a couple minutes a few times earlier this month.  But thats not really "out".

Thursday, he put a harness on me.  It was thick an stiff and I pulled it right off.  So he found a smaller lighter one.  That felt OK.  In fact, I wore it for 2 days.  Marley said if I dint, I wasnt EVER gonna get out.   And actally, it didnt bother me.  

I ate dinner in it.

No problem at all.

It actually looks kinna fancy.

I napped in it.

I was getting quite used to it!

I sat in the tree with it.

TBT said "That's the whole idea.  For you to get used to it".

Then he clipped on the ribbon leash.  Laz had told me about that.  He said TBT couldnt just toss me out on the deck, that I needed some safety line if I paniked.

So we walked around in the house with it on me to see how I acted.  I'm used to TBT handling me an stuff, and I even seek out being held.  So that was no problem.  And the leash is very fancy-lookin!

So, yesserday, he carried me out on the deck.  But this time he set me down on it.  MY FIRST TIME with paws on the outside!  I just stood there a while ta think about it.

Marley came over for company and ta tell me not ta try to run suddenly.

So I walked around slowly.  The deck felt like being inside (flat, smooth, hard).

But there was all KINDS of new things and I wasn't sure where ta go or what ta do.

So I looked at stuff and sniffed it...

TBT let me wander around the deck anywhere I wanted!  Well, almost anywhere.  He didn't let me get too close to the edge in case I didn't realize how far down it was.  

Something smelled odd out here.  Marley said it was some outside critters who peed on the deck sometimes.  He said they only visit at night, but I should start to learn their smells.

Laz also came over.  He said that one was a "possum".  Some sort of big stinky rat.  

I didnt like the smell, but I tried ta remember it.  Laz said I will learn more smells and this is part of "outside".

TBT decided 10 minutes outside was enough for a first time and brought me back inside.  I was unusally hungry and then took a nap.

But a few hours later, TBT brought me out again.  This time, he carried me down the deck stairs and set me down ON THE GRASS!  I had never felt stuff like that unner my paws...  

Grass is not the same as inside the house or on the deck.  It is not smooth, flat, or hard!  In fact, it is a bit prickly, fuzzy, an thick.  I didn't LIKE it at first.  But Laz said to lay down on it.  Well, that was a bit differnt.  It IS sort on cushiony like a towel.

But still, I found a row of flat hard places to walk along.  That was more familiar.  More like the floors in the house.  Everything was so new that the hard things were comforting.  And of course, Laz was there with me.  BTW, Marley was nearby too, but just watched around the yard while I was out.

I started ta get used to the grass (Laz actally made me walk on it).  My pawpads got used ta the feel of it pretty quickly.  

I'm glad Laz stayed close.  It was a safe feeling.  Of course TBT was there too, and ya cant be much safer than when he is around.  

I finally ended up in some place thick with plants.  I sniffed there a lot.  I asked Laz and Marley if thats where mousies come from.  They said no, they are farther off and in wilder places.  But that when it is safe for me to wander out free with them (a week?) they will show me holes in the ground where mousies come out and stuff like that.

So, for the next week, TBT will bring me out farther into our territory and show me where it ends (so I know where never to go).  

Oh, it was SUCH an eciting day!  Paws on the deck at first, and then paws on grass a few hours later.  New sniffs, sounds, and sights everywhere.  There is SO much more to our territory than I ever realized.  TBT promises that I can do it again every day a little longer each time until I know OUR territory.