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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Happy Sunday

 LAZ:  TBT missed my Gotcha Day!  It was May 4th 2020.  It's OK though.  He gave me all the kibble I could eat all day long yesserday.  I LOVE that stuff!  Stinky Goodness is "OK" but I love the "crunch".

The Gotcha Day means something to me now, but it didnt at first.  I had been in a bad place and I expected no difference in a new one.  

I hid as much as possible in the room I was enclosed in here and expected bad things.  But the Bein here was kind.  I got good foods.  I got treats.  He sat next to me and talked  a lot.  Sang some songs.  Generally made me feel safe.

Then I met the other cats.  I had smelled their presence, but not met them.  Marley was friendly.  I hadnt met a friendly cat or woofie before.  We played at wrasslin after a few days.  He was WAY bigger but he was good about it.

The other cat, Ayla just hissed at me.  I was used to that from before, so I beat her up a bit.  And partly to establish a position in the house.  I regret that now, but I was really scared then.  On the other paw, Ayla does NOT like other cats much.  So I still get upset when she hisses at me.  

But it has been 2 years now.  I'm not so afraid anymore.  I like TBT, Marley and the safe yard to explore.  Ayla seldom hisses at me and I mostly ignore it.  OK, when she hisses and raises a paw to me, I whap her. Old habits are hard to break.

My best day other than being dumped here (and Im grateful now) was when Lori arrived one day.  When she was let out of The Mews Room and it took me a while to understand I was one of The Mews), we got together right off.  We are BFFs.

She started getting outside some days ago and I stay near her.  I want to make sure she is safe, ya know? And she likes ta be near me too.  

So, I guess, on this belated Gotcha Day, I found the right place.  The lady who rescued me from the pit bulls and grabby kids home said I was going to be happy here, and I sure am.

So if my Gotcha Day is late, its OK...