Saturday, June 11, 2022

Caturday Saturday

TBT:  Oops - We took a day off, and it turned into a week!  It wasn't deliberate; we just  skipped a day at a time for various reasons.  Great weather, lots of yardwork and housework to catch up on, doing a lot of cooking, good TV, etc.  By the time we wanted to post, we just wanted to go to bed...  But I finally got enough done to be able to sit down at the computer again.

But we did get questions from the Caturday Saturday post last week, so here are answers!

1.  Zoolatry asked (and then said not to answer) "Who is your favorite cat". But I can answer...  All of them in their own way of course.  No one cat is the same as the others and each have special points.

But The Mews each want to make their case as "favorite", so I will indulge them...

AYLA:  I'm his favorite.  I'm the eldest.  I'm his first (and only) full Siamese.  I'm his Princess.

MARLEY:  Well, I'm not all that competitive about who TBT likes best, but I secretly know I'm his favorite because I am so easy-going.  I'm his "Big Buddy", and that has to matter.  And I eat anything in my bowl.

LAZ:  I know I am his favorite because he spent so much time helping me adjust to a new home and other cats when I was shaking, scared and uncertain.  He spent hours talking to me calmly when I first arrived.  He helped me get over attacking Ayla, explaining that I didn't have to protect my position in the house all the time.  One day I caught on to that.  And he admires my bloo eyes and buff chest with the rest of me grey tabby.

LORI:  I know I'M his favorite because I am utterly cute and maturing into "beautiful".  And because I follow him everywhere.  OK, I know I was sort of a replacement for Iza who left for The Bridge too soon, but I'm different in some ways and he likes THAT too.  And like Marley, I eat anything.  And I sleep with him.

2.  Meezer's Mews mentioned they can't comment (but did this time).  We have learned that the ability to comment at specific blogs comes and goes.  Some blogs we have commented on for years suddenly doesn't work, others do after not working, and we don't know why.  TBT sometimes thinks that Google, AOL, and Feedly just randomly change the way things work for reasons of their own.  

3.  Pilch92 asked if TBT would get more blood tests for Lori.  Lori has "clumping blood platelets".  The Vet's onsite equipment couldn't detect that and the apparent (but inaccurate) results made it seem to risky to do her spay operation.  It took an outside lab with better equipment and experience to find the problem.

Lori had all the platelets she needed.  The clumping is not actually a problem.  So, unless an operational problem arises where it makes a difference, there won't be further tests.  And a positive shout-out to the Vet:  They  didn't charge me for the outside lab work...  The Vet said she needed to understand the problem herself for professional reasons.

4.  Mickey's Musings asked which cat sleeps closest to the pillow.  It has varied over time.  In the older days, Skeeter used to sleep under the covers every night (LC never did).  In the current generation, Ayla was under the covers most nights.  Iza slept under draped over my hip.  Marley is sometimes an under the covers cat, but not in direct contact.  Laz used to get under the covers, but only when I lifted a knee and made a slight tent.  

Lori is the undercover-at-the-pillow cat these days.  She not only likes to be under the covers but she pushes her head right up to the pillow.  And my nose.  It is actually a bit awkward though.  I am suddenly breathing in her outbreaths and not getting enough oxygen.  So I wake up suddenly lacking breath.  I have been encouraging her to settle a bit further down.  Lately, she is accepting being moved a bit lower.  She seems happy being against me anywhere, but she prefers (other than my nose) my hip or the crook of my knees.  She also has a very loud purr, so a bit further away (still cuddled against me) helps.


We loved answering the questions.  Feel free to ask anything anytime.

And a "Sleepy-Lori" pic...