Thursday, June 16, 2022

Thankful Thursday

LORI:   I was in a nice house as a young kitten.  No complaints at all.  But I am thankful to be here now.  Laz is my BFF.  Marley is friendly all the time (of course).  I am OK with Ayla, but she and Laz have "issues" so she is hard to approach.

I love TBT!  I follow him around (when not nappin with Laz).  He always has a treat in his pocket, but I would follow him around anyway.  He tosses springs (my favorite toy) and lately, he has been getting me interested in rattley mousies.  The sound of them is really innerestin.

But I love The Lap best...

We sleep together, too.  I like "unner the covers".  He doesn't like that I hold onto him with my claws slightly out and I am trying to get better about that.

Momma and the Lady I started with told me I was going to live with a good Bein someday, and so far, they are right.  Laz tells me things can be bad at some homes (like for him his first few years) but thinks we are both in a good place now for our whole lives.

I am thankful for this home.  I am thankful for TBT.  I am thankful for Marley.  I am very thankful for Laz.  TBT tells me he hasn't seen such closeness since Skeeter and LC and they are legends here from long ago.

And, BTW, it is Ayla's 15th birthday tomorrow.  We will be throwing a party for her.  I don't really know what that involves, but TBT, Marley, and Laz say I will be surprised at it all.