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Monday, June 27, 2022

We Are Back

THE MEWS:  TBT had an anger issue about some Bein stuff on the TV News, and he dint wanna take a chance upsetting OUR friends or HIS.  So he thought it best to just get off the puter for a few days.  When we asked why that affected US, he said it dint really.   But since he edits our typing and helps with pics and stuff, he might "slip" and yell a lot.

So we are back with usual posts...

Today, we have pics of a bird Laz caught.

He even got it inside when TBT wasnt looking.  Marley enjoyed checking it, but left it for Laz.

It was inneresting ta see one inside.

I (Lori) got to examine it close up.  I don't much like the smell of the shrews Laz brings to the deck, but I like the birdies.  They seem more normal food.  It's not like I am used to getting canned shrews...

I understand some cats love exotic foods (shrews, crickets, etc) but I grew up with a very standard selection of chicken, turkey, beef, and fishies.   What wasnt on my tongue as a kitten isnt on my tongue today!

TBT will post about his reasons for being off a few days on his own blog.