Monday, July 11, 2022

King Of The Tree

Action shots, so not all that well focussed... 

Lori is inside the hut.

She goes high...

She whaps.

And waits for a return serve.

It is balanced.  From the height, she has the advantage of paws, but Laz is still bigger and stronger.

Try me, she says...

Ooh, a lowered whap!

TBT:  I love the way they play together.  Most mornings after I first get up, they go bat-crazy, chasing each other all around the house.  Is it because I am up?  Knowing breakfast will come soon?  Showing off?  Expecting the deck door to open soon?  Well who can really understand cats (and that is the wonderful thing about them)?

And sometimes Marley even joins in.  He is careful though.  He knows he is much stronger than either Lori or Laz.  So he makes a whap and then rolls over to invite wrasslin.  Laz often accepts.  Lori is not quite confident enough yet to wrassle with Marley (gentle as he he is).