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Friday, July 15, 2022

Flashback Friday

 TBT:  First, a few words...  I didn't post much this week because I had no pics.  I was distracted due to dental problems and didn't realize I was out of pics and then just felt lazy.

Second, Laz was a Bad Boy last night.  He refused to come in at dark.  He loves being outside, but usually comes when called/whistled/clapped at.  He resisted last night, which of course caused me to think of all sorts of horrible possibilities.  At 10PM, he showed up when I went out and shined a flashlight all around.  

He got treats.  I stay convinced that the promise of treats after he comes in encourages him to do so.  But it may be the reverse; that he has learned if he stays out, he will get treats when he comes in late.  😼. He needn't worry, I give treats whenever The Mews come when called.

But on to Flashback Friday!

This week in 2012, Iza was doing her famous on-her-back-with-rear-paws-on-wall.

And being in a sun-puddle encouraged her.

It always showed off her silken tummy.

Which she enjoyed having rubbed lightly.

And she always had this "look at my gorgeousness" attitude...  She well deserved it.