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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:   I've been spending more time in The Mews Room lately rather than unner the bed.

Yeah, its kinna a mess.  There are bits of sisal rope, clawed-out shag carpet from the tree, and cardboard box shreds.  We dont really care ourselves.  Annyway, its OUR room!

TBT uses the sucky machine on it sometimes, but it doesnt last long.  

He could run the cleaner machine over it, but he keeps planning to replace it "soon".

I like it when Marley comes in and joins me for a while.  He is allus friendly (of course).  I DONT like it so much when Laz or Lori come in.  Laz wants to play Chase, and Lori likes to tap my ankles or play Whap.