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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Caturday Saturday

Sometimes I forget that Laz is actually a rather small adult male cat.  It is probably because I thought of him as a kitten when I got him as a rescue, but he was over 3 years old and adult-sized then.  

He seemed small when I got him (9.7 pounds)  which made some sense as he was pretty traumatized and frightened at "yet another new place".  The poor boy must have expected that every change was bad (if not immediately, then soon).  

It took months to get to this:

And he was "twitchy" even then.

But he has actually lost 4 ozs since arriving.  Part of it is that he runs around the yard a lot.  But he is a fussy eater.  He mostly wants kibble.  I want him to eat the better canned stuff, but maybe it is his "comfort food".  He could live on mice a few years (ferals die young) but I'm hoping for another 10 (he turns 5 next month).  

Laz will probably never be entirely "normal".  Too much difficulty as a kitten when he should have been loved and socialized fully.  He walks around me in bed at night, but can't settle down next to me well.  I move slightly and he jumps away...

Which brings in Lori.  I got her for utterly selfish and questionable reasons wanting some sort of replacement for Iza (gone too soon).  And she is a joy to me for that reason and for her own personality.  But she is a joy to Laz also.  He adores her and from the start, she calmed him down with her love and attention.

Laz isn't perfect even now (he still chases Ayla too often), but after Lori arrived, his general world changed a lot in a good way.  He isn't as calm as Marley, and he never will be.  But he sure isn't the same angry hurt cat that he was.

Let's just say I calmed him down 25% and Lori did another 50%.  That leaves 25% of the hurt cat, but he is dealing with that better each year.  

It gladdens my heart to see him calmer and he and Lori together.  If the "hurt cat" part of him wants to take it out on mice and moles, and carry them onto the deck to show off his kills, I sure won't object.

I gotched Laz in May 2020.  I gotched Lori in October 2021.  I may have had a better 15 month time some other time, but I can't prove it.   OK, Skeeter and LC came 12 months apart and I loved them to pieces.    But that was 1992 and 93; this is now.

With Ayla coming around the house again, Marley keeping everything relaxed, and Laz and Lori BFFs; "now" is very good...