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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Twofur Tuesday

Laz and Lori used to sleep together in the red cat bed.

 But they stopped and I was worried there was "trouble in paradise".  Well, now I suspect it was just a bit crowded as Lori grew larger.  And they still napped together on the bed sometimes (but can't when I take over the bed.

I bought a large bed for Marley years ago because he was so large (the vet says 16 lbs; my digital scale says 18 sometimes).  He never liked it (preferring the platform tree I built for Skeeter and LC a long time.  And Laz and Lori ignored it.  It was actually a doggie bed, though of course no doggie ever slept in  it.  Maybe it was too large for them.  

Well, they have suddenly decided that the old "doggie" bed is now the best place to sleep at night!  They both fit in "purrfectly"...

I am very glad to see them sleeping together again!