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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:   I love my windersill!  Its a safe place for me (though I have been spending more time elsewhere as Laz as been calmer for months)

1.  I love watchin the outside from there.  Yeah, it is night in this pic but when it is bright, my pics are no good at all).

2.  I love the support rod.  TBT used ta put a towel on there, but I kept pulling it off because the towel moved but the rod did not.  He finally figured out I didn't want the towel there.  He is considering a wider windersill.  That would be nice.

Obviously, I eat up there too.  You see the bowl.  Nocat bothers me when I an eating there.  I can even save some for "later".   Really, I eat just what I need at a time.  Marley will eat to he throws up if TBT lets him...

I'm actually feeling happier and helthier these days.  TBT is glad of that.