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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Thankful Thursday

TBT:   Some rather unusual things to be thankful for...

I really have to keep the camera in my pocket more often...  I noticed a few days ago that all The Mews have sometimes been in either the Mews Room or the bedroom together all at once and in peace.  

Sadly, I couldn't get any pictures.  It's not like they are all that close together.  But all 4 in the same room(s) at the same time is new.  I can't recall it happening anytime before.  I hope it continues...  

Other things to be thankful for today...

Lori has always been shy about using the litter box when I am at my workbench (next to the litterboxes).  She seems to be getting over that (so long as I don't move suddenly).  Cats either care or don't about that.  Marley once used a litterbox while I was cleaning it, LOL!  Laz is a bit secretive about it too.  But they are each good about using them, so that's good.  

Regarding the above, Ayla remains determined to use the bathroom mat.  I don't mind.  Her poops are firm and easily transferred to the toilet.  She "covers" with a washcloth I place on the mat (she still has her cleanliness instincts if not the right location for them.  I have 2 mats both of synthetic shag and rubber-backed material.  

Every couple days I just soak one (and the washcloth) in the washing machine in hot water for an hour.  I don't agitate much, because they are cheap and I think they would fall apart.  I just soak, spin, rinse, and spin.  Then set the mat aside to dry while using the other.

The Mews don't catch my goldfinches or hummingbirds.  I was surprised to read today that cats can catch hummingbirds as the hover!  Fortunately, my hummer feeders are hung high and the flowers I grow for the hummers to feed on naturally are hanging baskets.  BTW, I always seem to have 2 male and 2 female hummers around.  The goldfinches main problem is that they won't visit the thistle feeders when Laz and Lori nap on the lawn below them.  I've never seen any cat bring a hummer or goldfinch to the deck.

Marley, Ayla, and Lori will eat about any food I offer.  That's good so I am thankful for that.  Laz loves kibble.  I keep trying to get his taste buds to canned food (and he eats some).  But I'm giving up.  If he really wants kibble to the point where he doesn't eat canned much, I will give him kibble.  But I'll try to find the best quality kibble that he will eat.  That's more of a Laz thankful, I suppose.

Lori adores the Turbotrack.  She pounds the balls (I added a 2nd) all around.  She can even get them over the bridge.  And she discovered the old small 12" round one in a corner that I had even forgotten about.  She beat that ball around for many minutes!  I love watching cats play.

Speaking of play, I pulled out a duster to remove dust from a wine rack.  Lori went after that like crazy.  I need to bring out the wand toys that Ayla, Marley, and Laz ignore.

That's all for now.  I'll probably think of some things I should have added while I am in bed later, LOL!