Saturday, July 30, 2022

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY:  There are few things sadder to see than empty food bowls!  

Lori agrees (she can eat as much as *I* do).  Well, I sit around a lot and she races around the house chasing toys and Laz.  And runs around with Laz in the backyard.  And TBT says her met-tab-olizm is way higher than mine so she needs more foods.

But, really, doesn't this just make you cry?

I need more access to the foods...  Really.  TBT says I weigh between 16-18 pounds (the vet's scales and ours differ) but why is that a problem?  I'm just always hungry.

Worse, I know where the food is.  It is right up there.   Forgive me for staring...

I guess I am lucky in a way.  The vet gave TBT a diet spreadsheet.  Counts "calorys" which means amounts (to me).  He hasn't tried it yet.  We get a real variety of foods, and we trade bowls (TBT here: Marley noses into any foodbowl unless I stand right there and stop him) so it gets tricky to measure.

On the other paw, Ayla gained a couple ounces, Laz is staying good at 9.5 lbs, and Lori gains a few ounces every Big Moon.  I can tell; she is a little bigger each week.  She was SO SMALL once...

TBT says as long as I dont lose much weight and the other Mews gain weight, that it good.  Of mousie-droppings!  Where is the fairness of foods in that?