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Thursday, August 04, 2022

Thankful Thursday

 LORI:  Wow, I sure needed some rest after the Big Pawty yesserday!  I didnt know how eciting and busy it would be with all you friends coming.  Well, it was my first Birfday, so what did I know?  Thank you all for coming!

I spent a lot of time with TBT after.  He deserved it.  He cleaned the litter boxes every hour, kept fancy food out, tossed toys all day, and managed the deck door for the backyard mousie hunts.  

Settled more than one hissy-spat, but most everycat was on good bahavior, so that was good.  

All in all, that was one really great pawty because of who arrived and it is something I will remember all my years.  You only have one first Birfday pawty after all.