Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Wensday Waiting

TBT:  I am calling this "Waiting For Go-Door", LOL!

MARLEY:   It isnt often these days that I am anxious ta go out.  That is more the Lori&Laz thing now.  Laz always want to rush out as if there was a stunned skwerrel out on the deck (he is even willing to skip breakfast to get outside), and Lori both follows him and likes to be outside herself.

So when TBT saw I was waiting around the door, he grabbed the camera!

Well, sometimes I like ta go out too.  So we were waiting fer TBT to open the door.  I know, I l know, there have to be pictures...  MOL!

TBT has to be careful with Laz.  The door has to be opened quickly.  Otherwise, Laz crashes into the gap.  One time, TBT only got the door slightly (slipped his grip) and Laz crashed right into the space that was narrower than he is.  His head was out but the rest of him wouldnt fit.  And Lori tried to jump over him and bounced off too. 

I cracked up!  Im not mean, but those two kits are amusing sometimes when they dont look before they leap.  Im more cautious.  I always like to look around carefully before I walk out onto the deck.  I mean, there could be a Vishus Deer waiting in ambush or something.

But annyway, this time the door got opened wide and we 3 went out for a while.