Friday, September 09, 2022

Flashback Friday

 Today, we revisit this week in 2011. and there are some good ones!

The 3 Mews at the time actually shared close space!

Ayla loved Marley and he loved her.

Ayla sometimes slept in the big doggie bed.

Iza loved hiding under towels and she could nose under them (which baffles Lori so far).

They would all spend time near each other sometimes.  I had forgotten that.

Marley loved his chair tent.

Remnants of an Iza attack on a cardboard egg carton.  She was dedicated to shredding cardboard.

Ayla and Iza got along then.  It was sadly too brief (though there were some exceptions later).

Even a friendly lick sometimes...

Marley used to spend time near the TV.  Maybe it was warm...

He spent time in the cat tree huts too.  I don't see that often enough now.

Iza like the mid-level platforms...

Ayla always liked the highest one.