Saturday, September 17, 2022

Caturday Saturday

 TBT:  Here is what I see when I want to get into bed at night...

No, that isn't altered.  Laz weighs 9.2, Lori has reached 7.4, and Marley weighs between 16 and 18 lbs (it varies).  He is a really big cat!  If you look at Laz and Lori (and consider that they are both curled up), together they do just about equal his size...

Aside from that, getting into bed involves disturbing them.  Sometimes, it is easy because it is time for their last meal of the day.  They are happy to go to the kitchen for that.   But sometimes it is after that meal and I have to peel back the blanket slowly.  They grumble about that, but they do move.  

They call me "The Big Thing" because they can't do much about it when I want them to move.  It is as if we lived with creatures than were 50' tall. But it means I am also gentle about it. 

They could always just move slightly, but they have their pride.  Lori returns first, Laz 2nd.  Morning usually finds Marley asleep in a corner of the bed.  Ayla doesn't want to be near any other cat these days.  Spends her time in the Mews Room, on the bathroom windowsill, or under the bed.  So I give her extra attention wherever I find her.  And when the others are out, she joins me at the computer or sometimes the dining room table while I eat lunch.