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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Toy Thursday

TBT:  THIS showed up on the living room floor recently.  

I don't know where it came from.  Lori is a real searcher and finds stuff I haven't seen in a while so it is probably something she found in the basement (where many toys go to hide for years).  I don't even know what it was.  In fact, I can only guess it was a cat toy from the black tassle still attached.  The part on the right might have been a head.  I can imagine seeing legs in the lower left.  

My best guess is that it is left over from Iza.  She had a real love and talent for skinning and shredding her toys.  I have a dozen saved plastic mushroom containers.  They are the same shape and color and nest together.  One is full of Iza's skinned rattley mousies.  Seriously, the container of toy mousie skins and the plastic bodies the skins were wrapped around is a happy memento of her essential lethality.

Like a dragon, she watched over her hoard carefully...

I could drop one of those cardboard egg cartons on the floor at night and in the morning, there would be nothing left but shreds on the floor the next morning.  

Ayla seems to enjoy biting cardboard too.  I keep Christmas decorations in those sturdy boxes, and she has chewed off all the corners.   So I have bought 6 matching plastic bins to store them.  Lori likes to chew on cardboard too.  But she is more interested in pulling Kleenex tissue out of the box and chewing on the box corners.  It's always corners.  I suppose corners are easier to bite..

But Iza was a champion!  She was the one who shredded any cardboard, unrolled the toilet paper, and  destroyed toys with a vengeance.   I can't count the number of rattley mousies I bought over her years, but she might have kept some company profitable, LOL!

Marley and Laz never do that.  Is it a womancat thing?