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Thursday, September 29, 2022

TP Destructo Kitty

TBT:   It has to be Lori!  She's a tissue-puller and a cardboard-chewer (just like Iza).  Not the toilet paper on the holders (so far), but she discovered a bulk package of cheap stuff  I had in the basement bathroom.  

A slight bit of explanation...  The day I heard Covid escaped China back in 2020, I went out and bought emergency supplies in case things went "real bad real fast".  Cans of soup, stew, chili, veggies; meat to freeze; and stuff like toilet paper, tissues, toothpaste, soap, powdered milk, flour etc.  The brand name TP was already gone, so I bought a bulk pack that was left.  It was really poor. 

I ended up not having to use it, so it sat in the basement since then.  Lori discovered it a few days ago!  

She ripped through the shrink wrap and pulled out a roll, then proceeded to shred it on the spot.  

I was actually quite impressed!  Shrink-wrap is not easy to rip open.  Well, I didn't want it anyway, so I left it for her to enjoy.  And she certainly did enjoy it.  It looked like this 2 days later! 

And then she surprised me further the next day.  She pulled out another roll and dragged it up the stairs into the bedroom!

I wish I could have seen her dragging it up the stairs and then shredding it.  Dragging it up the stairs couldn't have been easy.  I can only imagine that she bit an edge and the round  part (which kind of makes a corner) or just the round side, sort of like a lion dragging prey by walking on both sides of it... 

As I said, I am impressed!  I admire her creativity and effort.  I'll leave it all in place for a few days for her to continue to enjoy.  I can live with it a while.  It's not like 'Home&Garden' magazine photographers are ever going to visit, LOL!

But I will move the rest of the TP package to where she can't get at them while I decide what to do with it. And I'll probably reverse my TP rolls on the holders so she can't unroll them.  Iza did that a few times and Laz did it once.

But it sure is amazing to learn what cats will find to do that you don't expect!