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Friday, September 30, 2022

Flashback Friday

I thought we would go back farther in time this week.  I'm been doing too much 2011-2014 lately.  The problem is that many of my original earlier pictures are just blank in Photos.  But they  still exist in my more organized files of processed pics, so I went looking.

This day in 2008, Ayla was on the roof!  My TV antenna (remember those?) had fallen over and I set a ladder against the roof to get up there to fix it.  But I didn't do it that day.  

Ayla was a climber and ladder-steps didn't bother her.  She had learned from small step ladders and to her, literally "one step led to another".

I first noticed that she was climbing the extension ladder through the kitchen window while preparing dinner.

"Where does this ladder end"?

"Hmm, what is this new place"?

"Do I really want to go there"?

One last step to the roof...

And then she was up on the roof!  Barely a year old, she had mastered tall ladders and she had no fear of heights.  So of course, she explored the roof...

She probably wondered what this strange thing was.

She did look around carefully.  New territory demands careful examination.

A cheap camera on a tripod (with a lucky steady hand at the time) can even take a good long-distance pic.

She noticed me "way down there".

She did not worry in the least about walking along the edge of the roof.  

I think she was fascinated by the unobstructed view of the area.  I think she would have climbed Mt Everest if she could.  She did, of course, climb back down the ladder, which had to be a bit more difficult.