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Saturday, October 01, 2022

Silly Saturday

 MARLEY:  I love my wire brushies!!  I flop over on the platform tree and let TBT do me all over.  

Well not my belly or butt; thats kinna sensitive areas.  But I purr while he does it.  I am a domestic short-hair, but my furs are kinna thick.  So I have trubble with mats and tryin ta lick them off gives me hairball hacks and I don't like doing that.

The Groom Zoom works, but it takes a long time.  I am tough enough for the wire brushie.  That works faster and I like the feel of it.  I sometimes almost pass out from the pleasure.

The other Mews don't like the wire brushy.  But they have less furs and tenderer skin.  I'm tough!

So TBT brushed me 3 days ago.  He puts my furs into his compost bin.  That's cool; I am part of next year's tomatoes!  But after just 3 days, he brushed me again and look at all he got loose.

Hey, there is even a face, legs and a tail there!

And I'll be ready for more brushies in a few days.