Monday, October 31, 2022

Mancat Monday

 MARLEY:   OK, today is Halloween.  But not really until tonight, and I will be hiding by then.

In the meantime, TBT said he wanted to get a good picture of my face.

He wanted to get one of Laz, too...

Neither of us are very good at face pictures...

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Easy Like Sunday

We have all had a nice Easy Sunday!  It started with a good breakfast, then we (except Ayla of course) all went outside ta run around for a while and sniff around fer mousies.  None of those today, but it is still fun sneaking around looking for them.

Then we came in fer lunch.

 After all that runnin around and eating, it was naptime!

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Lori's Gotcha Day and Cat Daddy Day


I dint know my Gotcha Day and Cat Daddy Day were the same day!  Well, we were a bit busy last year...  But happily, my Gotcha Day pics and Cat Daddy pics are the same ones. 

Friday, October 28, 2022

Flashback Friday

Today we go back to this week in 2016.  Not all that long ago, but things sure have changed!

Iza was enjoying a box.  I sure miss her...

The Mews were enjoying some time together.   Seeing Ayla and Iza that close together was rare!

As years pass and the climate warms, the First Frost comes later and later.  When I moved here, it was usually around Oct 20.  Lately, it has been a week later.  The current Weather Channel forecast doesn't show expected lows under 40F through Nov 9th.  

So the mid 2010s was about when I really noticed the change.  The flowers survived longer than usual.  The impatiens were lovely...

As were the coleus...


And zinnia...

The front yard was in full color.  The 2 golden-leaved trees are 'Golden Rain'.  The red shrub is 'Burning Bush'.  They all died in the dry 2020 and 2021 Summers in spite of frequent drip-watering.

The same goes for the Beech tree at the far right.  I had the skeletal remains cut down and the stump roots grinded down a month ago.   That green spot behind the Burning Bush was junk growth; it went too.

I am replanting... The junk growth spot now has a hot-red crape myrtle.  I'll plant a rooted cutting of a Euonymus shrub or a Butterfly Bush where the Burning Bush was (I have 2 others of them you can't see here).  I may replant the 2 Golden Rain trees, but I may decide on a Spring-flowerer.  I don't want all the color to show at the same time.  

I haven't decided what to plant where the Beech tree was.  I like the purple leaves of small crabapple trees, but the fallen fruits are messy and attract hornets in the Fall.  I might plant a Sourwood tree (both burgundy and gold leaves in the Fall, but that is more Fall color again.  Maybe I'll plant another Crape Myrtle (but pink) for the difference.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

The Ls Celebrate!

TBT:  Laz and Lori (The Ls) are celebrating today!  Laz's Birthday was Tuesday and Lori's Gotcha Day is Saturday.  Since they are BFFs and so we all don't get too worn out, they decided to celebrate their Special Days right in between.

There is some precedence for mutual celebrations here at Mark's Mews.   Skeeter and LC shared a Gotcha Day (though a year apart, 1992 and 1993) and Ayla and Iza did as well (also a year apart, 2008 and 2009). Neither event was particularly deliberate (though Skeeter's first approaching Gotcha Day did make me think about another kitten - Tinkerbelle didn't like him and he was lonely).   

I had nothing to do with Laz's birthday, of course, and Lori's Gotcha Day was decided by the breeder.  Happy coincidences...  So, The Ls are celebrating together!  

OK, so there will be HAM



Dont worry, the shells will be removed...




There will be games.  Bags and boxes, cat trees, ladders, turbotrak, puzzle box, tunnel, and toys...

40pcs/lot 32cm*25cm*11cm kraft paper gift bag, , Festival ...

Watch These Cats Frolic In A Paradise Of Boxes

They hope a lot of friends come and help them celebrate.  Old friends, new friends, friends of friends, and even just general moochers!  Human Cat Staffs are welcome too (By Special Dispensation, Staff teleporting is permitted - IF their cat(s) allow).

Tuesday, October 25, 2022


TBT:  Laz's Birthday is today Oct 25th.  Lori's Gotcha Day is Oct 29th.  Since those are such close dates, I discussed "parties" with them.  Holding 2 big parties in 4 days would be a bit exhausting.  And, since they are so personally close, they decided they should celebrate both in the day in between.

So wish Laz a 5th birthday on the 25th and Lori her 1st Gotcha day on the 29th.  But the party will be between on the 27th this year and here on out (if I remember this next year).

LAZ:  Today is my 5th birfday.  I dint really have the first few (being ignored scared and hurt all the time), but I have learned about them here.  Its great!  I get special treats, Nip, and special attention from TBT and the other Mews.  It makes me feel special.  I am still getting used to being safe (some memories fade hard) but every year is better.

Sometimes, I am surprised I made it to 5.  In the old home, I probably wouldn't have.  But TBT says I might see 15 now.  And "here" I can imagine it.

Lori is so wonderful to me, Marley is friendly, and sometimes I can even walk past Ayla without a hiss from her.  So here, on my 5th birfday, I am so very happy to have been "Gottched" here.

And looking forward ta a pawty in 2 days!  Treats, friends, games...

New here...

And Lori:

New here...

Monday, October 24, 2022

Mancat Monday

LAZ:   Marley usally does Mancat Monday.  Most pictures of me also have Lori in them, after all.  But sometimes I'm by myself and TBT has the camera nearby.

So there I was, nappin peacefully by myself on the back of the TV chair...

The camera does pretty well in low-light, no flashy,  But fer some reason, the flashy went off annyway an that woke me up.  Notice the red eyes an the teeth!

But its OK, I went right back ta my nap.

About the chair.  Its comfy an all that, but TBT made it better fer both of us.  He but a folded blankie over the top and covered it with a towel (ta hold the blankie in place).  For me, that makes it slightly softer, but more impawtantly, wider.  Fer him, it makes it slightly higher ta support his big fat head his large brainy head when he leans back (which is only allowed when I'm not there).

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Easy Like Sunday

We are taking it Easy on the bed today.

We went out earlier, but it was all damp an misty.  That was no fun at all, so we came in...  

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Flashback Friday On Saturday

Lori needed Friday about catching a mousie.

So, this week in 2011 today...

Marley always knew where the food cans were opened.  He would stare anticipatorially for a can to be opened (as he does to this day).

He always got some.  There were/is no such thing as hungry cats here.

Meanwhile, Iza loved the Ess scratcher.

It was HERS!