Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Womancat Wensday

 AYLA:  Hi.  I don't show up here a lot.  I'm kinna hard ta take a good picture of.  But TBT was at my special windowsill yesserday and got a pretty good picture.

He is good about visiting me often.  I allus like it when he does.  Like in the morning while he is putting his furs on.  He rubs his forehead all over me while he is doing all that "buttoning stuff".  

And he combed me me yesserday too.  I have thinner furs now than I used to, so he is careful with the comb.  An I'm proud to say he couldnt find a flea anywhere.  I mean, he even used his magnifier glass to check the fur he combed off!

Well, I could have told him that, but it is good he checks an I like the combing.  I get more loose furs than I used to.  And I sure like the forehead rubbies.  

He even carried me around the house.  I don't go out of my 2 safe rooms often, so that was good.  Marley, Laz an Lori were all outside, an I feel safe in his arms annyway.  

It was a really good day...

Monday, November 28, 2022

Don't Panic

We are explorin new layouts today.  You might see weird ones when ya visit.  We will try ta find a good one ta settle on.    But ya might see some strange ones an they will change every few minutes maybe.


Hours later (and with help from Ann and June Of  The Zoolatry Catnation), TBT started ta figure out some of it.  A little mousie-play and he got it back better...

We got the sidebar organized better, got our kitten pictures added there, and pushed some old stuff down a bit.

Hope ya like the change...😸

The Mews and  TBT

Monday Mancat

MARLEY:   Lori pounced me while I was nappin on the bed.  Its no use chasing her, cuz she is way too fast, and she gets up too high fer me.

But I was tryin ta figure out where she was.  

But she was long gone.  Its not like I would have tried to whap her or annything, but I did want ta complain a bit!  Tell her ta at least wake me up first, ya know?  I was having a wunnerful dream about catchin an Evil Skwerral!

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Easy Like Sunday

It was rainy all day, so we spent our time indoors nappin!

 TBT says it will be nicer Monday.  Thats good because I (LAZ) get kinna twitchy if I dont get some outside time.

Friday, November 25, 2022

Flashback Friday

First, TBT posted on his own blog about a possible solution to difficulties of commenting on blogs.    But that is not our concern.

Today we visit  this time in 2008.  Long way back!  Ayla, Skeeter, and LC were The Mews back then.  

Dad always claimed not to like cats very much, but he shook a rattley mouse to get her attention near him. And he enjoyed her attention.  Some guys just can't admit to liking cats. 

And she enjoyed his attention too.  She has always been attuned to human guys.  Which annoyed Mom no end.  She was always the one who loved cats (and especially Siamese).  I had to guide Ayla to Mom for attention.  Which worked OK.

I suppose Ayla was so used to me, that it transferred to Dad.

Dad was a mechanical engineer, and was fascinated by how cat toys were made.  He admired the "rattlies" inside.  But as I said, an "engineer". I bet if he had he designed one himself (and he could have if he wanted to), it would have been the size of a rat because he would have made it large enough to move on its own, have an opening for nip, squeak realistically, and maybe even try to bite back.  LOL.

Dad liked Skeeter because Skeeter was so calm.  I recall some pictures of Skeeter just sitting on Dad's lap (and Dad with a happy smile), but some pictures have gone off to "limbo-land" randomly.  My Photo Library has many early blank spots after all these years.

Skeeter wasn't in great shape then.  Dad commented on it.  I told him that Skeeter was near to "going to The Bridge" at 16.5 years.  He understood.

Meanwhile, LC (who was not so happy with Strangers) sat on the table and watched everyone carefully.

She was quite surprised when Skeeter was on Dad's lap (he was way too heavy for Mom).

Between parental attentions, Skeeter sat on the easy chair to rest.  That was my chair, but I never bothered him there.

I knew Skeeter was getting tired and leaving my world gradually, but I didn't know it would only be 3 more weeks...

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

THE MEWS:   TBT dint cook a real turkey this year, but we had Turkey and Giblets Stinky Goodness fer dinner!  We enjoyed it!  Laz dint even demand kibbles sprinkled on top...

Ayla ate separately, but then she allus does.  TBT spent time with her as she did, though, which was good.

We all purr our thanks today fer good food, good shelter, good health, and TBT!

We hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving Dinner (where it is celebrated on this day).

PEE ESS:  Friends FurEver posted a picture of a cat looking like a turkey.  We have one of Skeeter sort of looking like that.

So we thought we should show it...  MOL!

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Womancat Wensday

LORI:  I HAD An excitig day.  I came in all puffed floofy-tailed.

It was much floofier when I came  in but TBT was slow to grab the camera.  TBT says he saw me tryin ta catch falling leaves but I say I was almoast catchin a Evil Skwerrel.  It my story and I stickin with it!

Later, I went inta the crawly hole unner the cabinets.  I like it there.  There is a warm blowy thing in it.  After bein outside in the colds, that is a nice place ta warm up.  But it is gettin harder ta get in an out of there these days.  I'm gettin bigger.  I'm up to 8 pounds now!

Marley and Ayla say they used ta get in there when they were smaller.  I can unnerstand Ayla gettin in there (she weighs only 6.5 pounds even now).  But it is hard for me ta think of Marley doing that.  He is so big!  Laz says he never tried it.  Well, he came here at 4 years old (TBT tells us) an dint have "kitten days:" here.  

BTW, see my beard again?  I allus have it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Twofur Tuesday

The Ls at rest...

It is so wonderful how they get along.  BL ("Before Lori"), Laz was a very troubled cat.  Oh, sure he was getting "better" as he began (I think) to forget his previous life with pit bulls and grabby children and I talked to him gently for months, but he still had issues.  

But I can't claim all (much of?) the credit.  Lori's arrival last year really made a difference to him.  I'm not sure exactly why.  I mean, Marley was generally friendly to him and Ayla didn't start fights, but something about Lori really settled his troubled mind.  I sometimes wonder if he had a littermate sisfur he missed greatly.  I'll never know.

They adopted each other almost immediately.  Or maybe I should say he adopted her and she agreed to it.  But whatever the cat-dynamics were, there they are together almost all the time.  

They nap together, run through the house together, wrassle, and eat together.  Seriously, sometimes Lori even looks to see if Laz is eating before she eats her own meal!  If he turns up his nose, she does too.


Monday, November 21, 2022

Mancat Monday

LAZ:  First, Lori asked me ta mention that she does have a true beard.  It's real, not just wet furs.  We are all special in some odd way.  TBT says it was never intentional because for 3 of us, he dint even know beforehand.

Ayla needed 3 spay operations.  Marley is a male calico (orange/white but he has a patch of black fur).  I'm most normal, but grey tabby stripes, buff chest and bloo eyes fits in.  Lori has a beard.  MOL!

For todays post, TBT caught me enjoyin a bag at night...

They arent very good.  I was across the room in the dark an TBT dint wanna disturb me since I dont go inta bags much.  The last one is "OK".  He told the camera ta make it better, an it did!

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Caturday Saturday

Sometimes, I see Lori and Marley close.  They don't have a problem with each other. 

But Marley doesn't snuggle with other cats.  Peaceful to them all, but he wants my lap mostly...

He is feeling safe there...

Friday, November 18, 2022

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Thankful Thursday

TBT:  I'm late to post and know it.  Got really busy a couple days.  First hard frost, groceries, family email...

Marley is doing well.  There is still some slight swelling, but it is receding.  I rubbed some "triple ointment" on the area (at the emergency vet's suggestion) and he didn't mind that or try to lick it off.  He acts perfectly fine.  I doubt there will be any further problems from the scratch/mousebite.  

Peaceful, eating normally, napping...

Monday, November 14, 2022

Mancat Monday, Part 2

 TBT:  First of all, Marley is fine!  I just wanted to get that out of the way.  No dental issue.  Apparently he got a claw-wound from some brave defense of our yard or a mouse bit him in a last act of defiance.  The vet couldn't be sure.

But this became an UTTERLY STUPID DAY!  I think I may just drink wine for the rest of it.  And "yes" I've already started.

I called our vet as soon as they opened, explaining that I had an injured cat and was a regular client.  They said they were down to 1 vet (they usually have 3) and could not manage an appointment until the end of November.  I repeated "injured".  No luck.  They referred me to a 24-hour animal hospital.  

I may be referring them to a new vet to whom to transfer The Mews records to soon!  But for now, I will wait to see why they are lacking vets.  I don't want to be unfair if they are having temporary problems they can fix.

I said I called my vet.  Yeah, but not because my regular cordless phone was working.  When I picked it up at 8 am to call the vet, it said "telco line not working".  OK, I have 2 cordless phones (same number) and the other didn't work either.  Both were fully-charged.  

I own a smartphone (my first one), but I'm too old and/or stupid to navigate to the apps.  I only bought it for GPS directions and emergency calls.  And if an injured cat isn't "an emergency" I don't know what is.  But while I can't figure out how to get at the apps on demand or answer calls, I can originate one.   Seriously, most of my smartphone use is just deleting spam calls once a week anyway.  

So I could call my regular vet even though they couldn't/wouldn't help Marley...

So, I prepared to get Marley to the Emergency Hospital.  And I wasn't happy about it.  I had to bring Ayla there after her 3rd spay operation (wow, was that really 14 years ago?) and it was awful.  The vet was weird and a walking dead guy.  I will admit that the place is improved some, but not by a lot.

I arrived and all the parking spaces had signs demanding "text us at xxxxxx".  I don't now how, so I knocked on the door.  They didn't want to open it.  I yelled that I had an injured cat and no smartphone.  

They let us in 😹

There was no other client in the place.  So, we waited for 15 minutes to get attention.  Really...  Injured cat, no customers, 15 minutes?  They acted like they were doing me a favor just to let us in.  15 more minutes before a vet technician took Marley to the examination room.

Ooh, I don't want to forget to mention the 4 page entry form I had to fill out...

And get this...  She said I "could stay in the waiting room" while the vet examined Marley.  How kind of them!  But it makes sense; every door I could see said "Staff Only" in 6" letters.  And the staff even needed cards to get in any door.  I may have to have Marley checked for CIA implants, LOL!

I mentioned "no other customers".  So of course Marley was gone for 30 minutes.  And after he was brought back, 

He was not a "happy camper".  Though he was happy enough to not "sing the song of his people".  Well, Marley talks to me often enough, but not to strangers

it took another 15 minutes for the actual vet to arrive and explain what she found.  I may be complaining a lot (and I'm not done with that), but she was great!  She discussed the likely causes of the wound, explained that the swelling had drained well (oh don't you love to hear "lots of pus squeezed out" - LOL - actually, I do), and that his teeth seemed fine.  She was friendly, smiling, and communicative.  

So, I had Marley back (a bit grumbly, but to be expected).  And we waited another 15 minutes for the bill to be prepared!  I'm still trying to understand that (the wine may be kicking in here) but there were 2 clerks sitting around doing nothing and I wanted to Give Them Money.

I have the general sense that a businessperson could profit at this place by improving procedures and attracting more customers.  But I'm retired and don't want to spend time in or risk anything in a business these days.  

The place looks better than it did when I had to bring Ayla there for seepage around her spay sutures.  It was originally all cinderblock.  But the vet there could sure use some business help...

I forgot to mention earlier that I was sure the Emergency vet would want proof of Marley's rabies shot.  My regular vets do and they gave him the shot - it's in their records).  Now, I don't know about you, but my  paid bills, car maintenance stuff, and cat records end up stacked on the top of the filing cabinet.  

Usually, they are only a few months old and I never need them anyway.  But I needed Marley's Rabies shot document, so OF COURSE things had stacked up for nearly a year this time.  If it didn't matter, it would have been only 3 months.  When it mattered, it was a year's worth.

I found it and brought it along.  So, of course, they didn't even ask for it...  They should have.

I still don't know why the cordless phones aren't working.  Not that I expect any meaningful incoming calls.  I do want them working of course.  But that's tomorrow's problem.

Marley had been eating well before the Emergency Vet visit, but he sure ate a lot more than usual when we got home.  He LOVES Fancy Feast Turkey&Giblets.  He ate the whole can!

He is not exactly hiding after his scary vet visit, but I can tell he wants to be left alone for a day.  He just hates to be handled by "strangers".  I just walk by and stop to talk to him every hour.  The good thing is that he probably won't even remember all this tomorrow.  Marley seems to forget bad experiences well.  😁

Mancat Monday

TBT:   This is not a good Mancat Monday post.  Marley has some swelling on one side of his mouth.  It doesn't seem to be bothering him, but I will call the vet for an urgent appointment  as soon as they open for the day!  

The timeline:

Saturday afternoon, I noticed a small wound at the back of his right jaw.  It looked like the kind of mouse-bite cats sometimes get.  Most of my cats have gotten a few.  It heals normally.  

Saturday evening, the spot was sensitive and he wouldn't let me touch it or even examine it.  But what I could see looked uninfected.  

Later that evening, I made a serious attempt to examine it.  No luck.  He was not allowing it at all.  Front claws in shirt and rear paws up defensively.  He fought to get free, and even at 12, he is still all muscle.  But he was eating both canned food and kibble normally.  So I did not try to force things further.

Sunday early afternoon, I noticed some slight swelling there.  Oddly, he didn't react when I touched him there carefully.

Later Sunday, there was slightly more swelling, but he was still eating without problems and seemed to feel fine.  I know cats can hide pain, but he really seemed not to be distressed.

Now, Monday just as I type this, the swelling is no worse, he seems content and happy and ate Last Dinner without any sign of problem.  That is one of several reasons we are not at the local 24 hour Pet Hospital right now.  First, yeah he is eating, and doesn't mind attention to the swelling.  Second, this isn't the 1st abscess I have dealt with and the Vets suggested it was more scary than serious, given prompt attention.  Third, the one time I brought a cat to the 24 hour hospital, the Vet was literally a zombie (2nd or 3rd job?) and seemed not to actually care about the animals.  

I decided Marley could wait for my regular Vet to open and would be better off in their care.  And I will repeat that he seems fine.

For now, I have revisited some vet sites about the likely causes of facial swelling.  Some causes are indeed very serious, but those are slow to develop; this was just in a few hours.  The likeliest causes are dental, a cat-fight, or a fall.

Last thing first, Marley can't get up high these days.  Joining me at the dining room table requires him to get on a chair first and then the table.  I can't imagine him falling far enough to cause an injury.  Second, I haven't heard any cat fights.  I would even if it was outside.  My ears are attuned to that.  Marley is still a great defender of our yard, but I don't think a fight was the cause.

Which leaves a mouse-bite.  We don't have rats, I haven't seen a groundhog for months, and I haven't seen a raccoon here ever or a possum for 2 years..  So, I'm guessing an infected mouse-bite.  I wish I had smeared some of that triple antiseptic ointment on it when I first saw it (the stuff works great for me and the vet sites say it is OK for cats - but I didn't know that then), but he fought violently.  

As easily as I can manage him on my lap while he is napping there and all calm, he won't tolerate being held down.  Indeed, the only look I could get at the initial small wound was while I was giving him wire-brushies (he adores that).   

So Marley will see the Vet ASAP (hopefully, later today) with my expectations that it is not any serious problem but something that needs some attention for his safety.  

Just wanted to let everyone know, in case it turns out to be more serious than I think...

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Easy Like Sunday

TBT:  I know you usually see Laz and Lori napping close together unless they are in separate rooms, but "sometimes" they will nap separately even on the bed.

Maybe Lori was just uncomfortably stretchy and squirmy and Laz wanted some peace and quiet... 

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Caturday Saturday

Based on some suggestions from the poll we posted about our sidebar pictures, we have decided to put kitten pictures there for a few weeks and then go to adult ones.  The Adult Mews like their kitten ones for a while, but Lori says she is a womancat now.  So they agreed to balance it.

Laz's all-time best picture stays as it is...