Thursday, November 10, 2022

Thankful Thursday

TBT:   I mentioned recently never observing how Laz and Lori snuggled up.  Yesterday, I finally witnessed it.  Lori was napping on the bed alone.

Looking down the hallway, I saw Laz walking into the bedroom.  Aha!  I walked down seeming to go into the computer room, but stopped at the bedroom door to barely see Laz's tail.  He still doesn't like to be watched, so I was careful.

When his tail left my glancing view, I moved my head slightly.  He didn't notice.  He was up on the bed.  

I dared not take a picture.  He is sensative to the infra-red camera light and tries to avoid it.  So I just watched as quietly as possible.

He walked to Lori, sniffed her.  She sniffed back.  Then he just settled down next to her.  And they both moved slightly together and entangled paws; heads together, shifting bodies against each other.  It was very deliberate.

It was wonderful to watch...

Sorry no pics of the details.  I didn't dare as I watched it finally happen.  Next time, I will.

But the result was, as usual, they were napping close.