Friday, November 25, 2022

Flashback Friday

First, TBT posted on his own blog about a possible solution to difficulties of commenting on blogs.    But that is not our concern.

Today we visit  this time in 2008.  Long way back!  Ayla, Skeeter, and LC were The Mews back then.  

Dad always claimed not to like cats very much, but he shook a rattley mouse to get her attention near him. And he enjoyed her attention.  Some guys just can't admit to liking cats. 

And she enjoyed his attention too.  She has always been attuned to human guys.  Which annoyed Mom no end.  She was always the one who loved cats (and especially Siamese).  I had to guide Ayla to Mom for attention.  Which worked OK.

I suppose Ayla was so used to me, that it transferred to Dad.

Dad was a mechanical engineer, and was fascinated by how cat toys were made.  He admired the "rattlies" inside.  But as I said, an "engineer". I bet if he had he designed one himself (and he could have if he wanted to), it would have been the size of a rat because he would have made it large enough to move on its own, have an opening for nip, squeak realistically, and maybe even try to bite back.  LOL.

Dad liked Skeeter because Skeeter was so calm.  I recall some pictures of Skeeter just sitting on Dad's lap (and Dad with a happy smile), but some pictures have gone off to "limbo-land" randomly.  My Photo Library has many early blank spots after all these years.

Skeeter wasn't in great shape then.  Dad commented on it.  I told him that Skeeter was near to "going to The Bridge" at 16.5 years.  He understood.

Meanwhile, LC (who was not so happy with Strangers) sat on the table and watched everyone carefully.

She was quite surprised when Skeeter was on Dad's lap (he was way too heavy for Mom).

Between parental attentions, Skeeter sat on the easy chair to rest.  That was my chair, but I never bothered him there.

I knew Skeeter was getting tired and leaving my world gradually, but I didn't know it would only be 3 more weeks...