Monday, January 16, 2023

New Vet Visit

A while ago, I complained about the current Vet clinic.  In November, I called about Marley having an abscess on his cheek (probably an infected mousie-bite) and they said "We are booked for 3 weeks, go to an emergency place".  Then later, they sent an email that they were closed for a day due to "unforeseen circumstances".  Meaning, I suppose, that they had no Vet available that day.  But they had 3 vets last time I was there.  Then they were closed for almost a full week with the same non-explanation.  

So I decided they probably had a failing practice (I won't even speculate on possible reasons), so I decided to find a new vet before it failed completely and there was a flood of customers looking for a new vet.  I do want to say that when I brought Iza to them for "the final visit",  the main vet there was kind, competent, and understanding.  But maybe the good ones left...

I did a Yelp search in November looking for a good nearby vet and decided the new one seems good.  Today, the same search gives the previous clinic 2 stars and the new one 4 stars.  And the newer comments about the previous vet were worse and those of the new one were better.  So the old one is failing.

The new vet has the records from the old vet.  Lori and I will be visiting the new vet for an afternoon appointment today.  It is just regular annual shots which almost anyone can do properly.  But it will give me an opportunity to see how they manage the place, treat the pets, and handle appointments and records.

The new place charges $92 for a 15 minute late arrival or totally missed appointment.  That's a bit high, but I haven't been late or missed one like that ever, so it is probably not a problem.  Still, I took a test drive to the new place yesterday.  First, to make sure I could find it (I discovered I had passed the place dozens of times, so no problem there).  Second, to measure the time it took.  13 minutes there and 12 minutes back home, so I'll count on 15 minutes driving time and plan to get there 10 minutes early.

The place's website has nice pictures of course.  Whose wouldn't?  But I loved this one...

Separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats?  Cool!  Cats come in in carriers; dogs come in on leashes (usually).  In every other vet place I've ever visited, there were large dogs whom the owners won't control and they sniff at or bark at the cats.  Who become seriously stressed even with my intervention and reassurance.  I LIKE this idea!

I'll post about the experience with the new vet later today or tomorrow...


  1. I hope you get on well with the new vet. I had to laugh at the 13 minutes to get there but only 12 minutes to get home. Why is it it always seems to take longer to get somewhere than coming back? But you proved it really does.

  2. Purrs the Vet office is quiet and the Vet is good!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Hope all goes well, and that the new vet is a keeper.

  4. We hope all goes well at the new Stabby Place and that they really are as good as they seem.

  5. I like the separate areas , I wish all places had those. Dogs tend to be pushy. XO

  6. First let me say Happy Gotcha Day Ayla! Good for you hunting up a new Vet and I hope it works out well. We are taking the kittens to a new Vet just 5 minutes away. All patients come in and go right into an exam room, cats on the left side of the building and dogs on the right. No interaction among visiting pets. The check-in is handled in the exam room. They do have separate waiting areas for cats and dogs but they really aren't used.

  7. I hope the new vet is a great one! And I hope dog owners respect the kitty waiting room. I went to a vet with separate waiting rooms before, and dog owners were always bringing their dogs into the cat waiting room. We just go to an all-cat vet now. Looking forward to how the visit goes.

  8. I hope the new vet works out for you. There is a shortage of vets and vet techs these days. Like teachers and nurses, many are leaving the field.

  9. What to peeps do who have both kitties and doggies, (like we used to), when they have separate waiting rooms? (I used to go to the dog area, figuring my cats(s) were sort of used to dogs...)
    My currant vet has a very small office, and there often are no others waiting.

    I hope your new vet works out well for you and your felines.

  10. We hope the new vet goes well. We had to find a new vet when we moved, and had to try two different places. Paws crossed this is a good place for all of you.


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