Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Twofur Tuesday

 Laz was outside.  And Lori didn't feel like going out.  So Lori stayed near Marley... 

Someday, I will see them napping together.  Marley won't mind.  And Lori loves snuggling.  It's just a matter of time...


LORI:  I went to the Vet again yesserday.  Some 2nd Rooster shot.  I was calm, but I did try to hide in TBT's hand while we were left alone.  I loved that the ladies there were so nice to me.  I got SO many compliments and strokies!  They are so friendly at this new place.

Still, I was glad to get back home.  I mean "home is home" after all.  I ran out of the PTU .  But ya know, I waited for TBT to go up the stairs with me.  I just wanted to stay near to him, ya know?

I got special treats.  The real kind (not just kibble).  He had to sneak them to me.  Seriously, he brought the treats out on the deck and put them in a clean bowl  there and then brought them to me quietly.  I had them ALL TO MY OWN!

I guess the Vet trip was worth it...


  1. I am glad your rooster shot went well and you got special treats when you got home.

  2. Glad your vet visit went well, Lori! Treats are an added bonus.

  3. Yay for a good Vet visit! I am not a fan of going there either and am happy when I come home.
    Mum gives me treats too ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  4. Good girl, you deserve those special treats!

  5. We're glad your vet visit went well. And we're glad you got special treats!

  6. Well I'm a bit concerned to hear that you're having rooster shots. I'm sure that TBT wouldn't be trying to turn you into a rooster, so that can't be what they're for. Is he perhaps trying to get you more interested in eating chicken for dinner? I guess time will tell.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Such cuties. Glad the vet trip went well. XO

  8. Of course they love you at the new Vet place and it sounds like a really good one.

  9. You deserved them! I can't believe Laz is out of your sight in that picture!


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