Thursday, February 09, 2023

Thankful Thursday

Given that this is "love month" and I wrote a letter to Laz last week, I decided that writing one to each of The Mews would be fitting.  And since there are 4 Mews here and there are 4 Thursdays in February, it seems perfect...

Dear Ayla:   You were the first purebreed cat I ever had myself.  I had to find a breeder (and I did).  The breeder just wanted to get rid of you.  You were too small to be a Queen, and she had kittens coming from a Queen and wanted you out.  I got you cheap for a purebreed.  

But her concerns didn't matter to me.  You were a real Siamese to me.  When I was young, my family had 2 Siamese and I loved them.  I wanted another ever since then  (40 years ago).  Your small size was not only not a problem but lovable.  The breeder had you spayed the day before I got you.  You remember how badly that went.   

You went into heat every few weeks after.  I remember how you were stiff as a board when I picked you up trying to comfort you.  And of course I couldn't comfort you.  You grabbed my shoulder until I bled.  The breeder's vet was upset that the 1st spay didn't work so he tried again.  He said some cats need a few months to "calm down".  Yeah, remember how that didn't happen either? 

We struggled for a year with you going into heat every few weeks for a week.  Do you remember the visit to the "feline specialist" who said he could try to do something IF you were in heat at the time (and was booked for a month ahead).  He never helped you either.

Do you recall the infection?  That day when icky stuff came out your back parts? I brought you to my own good vet.  He knew you had undergone 2 spay operations, so he suspected some internal infection.  Wow, was he surprised when he opened you up a 3rd time!  

He found an ovary and half an infected uterus.  He removed them, of course and asked how such a thing could happen.  You were "normal" after that to the happiness of us both.  I had my Sweet Princess (not a Queen) after that.  You probably wore more cones on your head than most cats...

And you bled after the 3rd spay that night.  Too many cuts at the same place.  It was a long night at the emergency hospital while I sat for hours in sadness.  But the bleeding stopped and you were OK finally.  The breeder's vet had botched 2 spays.  You know that.  But you don't know I spent 2 days writing a letter and editing and editing it before sending it  to the breeder's vet.  I told him what had happened. 

 Demanded he reimburse us for costs.  Said he had to stop butchering kitties.  He agreed, reimbursed.  and he retired.

From that day on Ayla, you have been a wonderful cat.  My True Princess.  You went from driving me utterly crazy (no fault of your own) to being a loving lapcat, friend, and treasure all in a week.  You became what you should have been all along.  

I love you dearly.  All the past scratches are just old memories now.  I heal well.

In these days of your elder years, you are as kind, loving and sweet as when you were 3 after the last operation worked.  You have greeted me with a meow and purrs every time since.  And I have sure appreciated that!

I also want to say that I appreciate that you eat anything I bring to you.  You could have been a Fussy Princess, but you weren't.  You ate what was offerred but exactly just as much as you needed.  You have stayed the same 6.6 lb weight for 12 years.

I'm sorry about Laz.  I didn't know he would attack you.  Well, he was half-Siamese and I thought you would like that or he you.  At least he has calmed down this past year.  

I know you like being on the bathroom windowsill.  I understand that you like to just watch the birdies and squirrels outside (and sometimes the other Mews or even me).

You have been out around the house a bit more lately.  I love that.  I also love that you sometimes come onto the computer desk seeking my attention.  I am grateful that/when you do.  And I hope my scritchies make you happy as well.  

You are and have always been My Princess.





  1. That is such a love letter! Ayla is a jewel in your crown of many kitties. She truly is your Princess.

  2. That is a lovely letter. I am glad the breeder's vet reimbursed you and retired. He couldn't reimburse the misery and upset you both went through though. I am very glad everything went right afterwards.

  3. What a beautiful letter to your precious girl.

  4. Ayla, "got for cheap" ... worth a million! Am so loving your love letters.

  5. What a sweet letter. We had no idea Ayla went through so much.

  6. Such a lovely tribute to an amazing kitty and friend.
    Ayla is lucky she came to you.You really are in the right home!
    Purrs, Julie

  7. Oh what a remarkable story! It is so touching and loving it makes us cry, with joy and thanks that beautiful Ayla healed physically and emotionally too. What a sweet joy and love she is to you. Purrs, loves and kisses, Tommy and Teaghan

  8. That is such a sweet idea to write a thank you letter to each kitty this month. I am sorry Ayla had such a tough time, but glad you persisted for her and she has had a wonderful life. XO

  9. That was a really sweet letter to a really sweet gal, and a pretty one too.

  10. What a lot of effort on both of your parts to gain the partnership you finally achieved ! And good on you for actually convincing that other vet to stop butchering kitties ! How wonderful that she survived.


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