Friday, March 31, 2023

Flashback Friday

Today we return to the thrilling days of this week in 2013!

The Cardinals were enjoying the rebuilt feeder.  I love the one in flight!  The double baffle really did (and still does) baffle the squirrels.  I saw one try again yesterday.

I had quite a large flock of them sometimes...  And these are just the males.  The females were in branches waiting to take their turn feeding.

The Mews all got along well at the time (sometimes it was "iffy" with Ayla and Iza, but the the bed was sort of neutral territory).   And of course Marley was between them.

Iza and Marley often went mousie-hunting together.

Iza loved rolling around in the leaf debris.  She would come in covered with stuff and I had to brush it off her (just by hand) so that I wouldn't find the bed covered with leaf-grit.

I had beds of Hyacinths then.  That was before the voles infested the yard and found them.  Now there are just individual survivors.  I need to get after the moles again.  The moles make the tunnels the voles use to search for roots to eat

And Ayla was enjoying "walking the fence"...


  1. That is a lovely flashback. Marley is a typical peace loving ginger cat. We have had several gingers over the years and they have all been easy going.

  2. Ooooooooo! What a happy flashback!
    Everycat was having FUN!
    I cannot wait for Summer and grass!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Gosh, seeing that many cardinals gathered together seems both amazing and unusual! Your cats are so lucky to be able to enjoy the great outdoors and your wonderful yard and gardens ... you've taught them well.

  4. What a great flashback! That's a lot of cardinals all at one time. Beautiful birds!

  5. Great shots of the cardinals- that was a lot of them. How cute that Marley and Iza used to hunt together. :) XO

  6. Fun memories! Beautiful pics of the cardinals too, but I love squirrels :)

  7. That was really a fun flashback, love those cardinals, they are always so pretty!

  8. A very nice flashback!

    We get a lot of cardinals here, too, but not *that* many!

    They often come in pairs, and
    I sometimes see the male 'feed' the female, must be a courting ritual?


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