Sunday, June 04, 2023

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  I  am really going around in the house and even out on the deck a lot more recently.  TBT is thrilled!

Yesserday, I not only went out on the deck, I pushed Lori out of the way to get there.   Well, she was hesitating...  I've been feeling friskie lately.  And its warm out there.  I jumped up to the deck rail tops.

Lori did go out too.  And sat on the deck top rail fascing me.  Sort of a mild threat, but I didn't mind.  I think she was just waiting fer TBT ta take her picture near the pretty flowers.

I waited...

And when she left (ta run around the yard all crazy-like), I moved near the flowers.  I think I got the better picture, don't you?

Later Lori and I sat on the deck itself just a few feet apart, but we don't have a pic of that.  TBT was afraid that opening the door might disturb us...

Maybe there is some hope for Lori and me ta get friendlier.  A few feet apart isn't much, and neither of us hissed.


  1. We are glad to hear that you are getting to be a frisky kitty! Maybe you like the warmer days of late spring.

    Sorry we've been rather AWOL of gets to be hard to keep up sometimes...

  2. Lovely to see you sitting on the deck rails, Ayla. You look beautiful beside the flowers.

  3. Nice that you're out and about more, Ayla!

  4. That is a beautiful picture of you with the flowers, Miss Ayla!

  5. I bet you are feeling much better with clean teeth. :) XO

  6. I'm so glad you're around, out n' about more sweet girl.

  7. I am sure you're right that TBT is thrilled to see you around and about and more active and interested in things, Ayla. Long may it continue.

    Sydney, Australia


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