Friday, June 02, 2023

Flashback Friday

 Today we return to this week in 2011.

Ayla was enjoying the back yard.

Running around,

Sniffing for mousies.  She was a great huntress back then!

And loved sitting on the top of the fence to watch the world outside.

Marley was learning about "outside".  Liked sitting in the tomato cages (the tomatoes survived).  

Iza loved walking the flowerbed paths and being among the flowers.

We only had 1 cat tree then.

But TBT got another!  We checked out the parts carefully...

And then there was the 2nd.  We still have both, but the ropes around the posts are pretty much ripped apart now.

Marley loved the huts...

Those were good times...  Iza and Ayla were getting along.  And while we (Ayla and Marley) sure miss Iza, Laz and Lori (both added because of her departure) have brought new "cat-energy" to the house.  


  1. Nice to see Ayla in the garden. Those are great cat trees.

  2. Wow those are some nice cat trees!

  3. That was a nice flashback. XO

  4. Those were really fun, such cuties!

  5. Such great memories! Those trees really are amazing. And too cute in the tomato cages!

  6. Me and dad love the photo of Ayla on the fence especially. My goodness, those trees are something, too!


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