Monday, September 25, 2023

Monday Womancat

 LORI:  TBT has decided I am half to blame when Laz and I tangle and I screech in upset.  But I don't feel blame.  Just because I see Laz sitting in a room peacefully, wiggle my butt, and jump on him doesn't mean he should get all angry/fighty and stuff.  

I'm a womancat; he should put up with stuff like that, right?

I miss cuddling with him on the waterybed.

But I should be allowed to jump on him sometimes, right?


  1. There is usually one who starts it! Eric used to pounce on Flynn, then Flynn would scream for me to help even though he wasn't being hurt. He used to get his own back by biting Eric's ear!

  2. Try to be good and you will get to cuddle again. XO

  3. Poor Lori. Just because you're the only girl in the house now, you get the blame!

  4. Cuddles sounds like lots more fun to me sweet Lori!

  5. Ahhh, the foibles of youngsters. Laz must have decided that enough was enough! Maybe if you leave him alone and play hard to get, he may come to you, Lori, looking for those cuddles you love.


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