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Monday, June 17, 2019

Its My Birthday

AYLA:  Today I Am 12!  Ive sure had a great life so far!

Well, having to be spayed 3 times wasn't great, but it was sure good afterwards!  Peace for the first time in 4 years and it sure has been all calm ever since.  I didn't remember what it was like to have physical peace before that.

TBT has been wunnerful all that time before and after.  Even when I went all stiff in his arms and scratched him a lot digging in my claws in before.  I've been his little Princess since then.  Not that I wasn't before but it was harder.

But really, a nice house, a warm lap, good food, a good Dad. You know what I mean.

I think I will just take it easy this year.  No big party.  I'll save that for next year.  Dad (TBT says we can call him that now) says we will just spend the day out on the deck and he will sit in a chair and I can just sit on his lap while sniffin the breeze and listening to the birdies and Iza and Marley will be inside so I don't have to worry.  That sounds good.

I do have a lovely card ta show, though, from Pipo & His Hooligan brofurs...

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Cat Dad Day

We got a card from Aunty Susie, TBTs sister about Cat Dad's day.  He doesnt encourage us to call him "dad" but he is giving in slowly and we WILL win.  We are cats after all...

Meanwhile, here is the card...

We think we left out a part of the card but thats OK, because scanners are tricky and WE'RE CATS!

But after we wrote this, TBT decided when I got chased by That Big Mean Cat the other day and he ran out ready to protect me from whatever it was, he is "Our Dad".  We will still call him TBT of course, but he has surrendered...  YAY!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Scary Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  Oh Bast, I got surprised by that long-haired black cat that has been coming around lately.  It looks about 3x bigger than me.  And I was the only one out at the time.

I was glad to get to the deck and see TBT coming out (a hiss and he is out like a shot) so I could run inside.

But I was seriously POOFED!

I'm fiesty and fast with my claws, but there are limits!  I want Marley AND Iza out there with me the next time...

Friday, June 14, 2019

Flashback Friday

AYLA:  I picked this week in 2012 this time.  I was exploring hiding places.  Like unner the edge of the bed...
Behind a overhanging blankie...
And up on the shoe rack.
Because you-know-who liked ta bother me.
But not allus.  Sometimes we got along fine, curling up right next to each other.
 We did make sure to not synchronize our nappin positions... 
THAT would have been a bit TOO friendly!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  I love to sit up on the top of the fence.  Its narrow, but so am I.  But I was also watching stuff.  What stuff you ask?
This tree...   Its a mulberry tree and lots of fascinating critters love the berries.  Birds, Evil Skwerls, even crows.  One time there was even a groundhog.  Who knew they could climb trees?
You can barely see me way down in the bottom corner...

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tummy Tuesday And Cute Head

MARLEY:  Relaxin today on the otto-man...  Notice that I am peeking out of one eye.  I normally watch to see TBTs finger move on the camera so I can avoid blink to avoid the flashy.  But I missed it this time.
But when he moved the camera nearer, I just left them closed.  You cant go wrong THAT way!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I dint know TBT took these pictures.   I was down on the lawn...  He cut down some NIP and JUST LEFT IT THERE!
It was too good ta just roll on, ya know?   And too much ta eat.  I mean, I would have been levitating like Ayla does without the stuff.
But OH Ceiling Cat, it was pawsome.    So I pawed it...  The leafs were all wilting and the smell was super. 
TBT had to finally actually PICK ME UP and take me inside...  There are nose-prints all over the deck door where I tried to get back out...

But I calmed down after a while...  Um, is the deck door open again yet?

Its OK, he brought some in...

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:   We had a good Easy today.  Iza and I groomed each other.
We really get along well these days...
A little nap time together on TBT...
Close is good.
TBT and us watched Ball.
Well, OK, mostly HE did.
I was just happy relaxin...

Friday, June 07, 2019

Flashback Friday

MARLEY:   Well, this week in 2011,  I was enjoying a good game of mousie tag.  "Tag, youre it"!
They arent very good at it though, because they never come back to tag ME.  So I have to tag them AGAIN!
 So I just stood real close to make it easier for one ta tag ME.
But after a while they just sleep for a long time...

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Thankful Thursday - A Love Letter

TBT here:  I'm writing this love letter to my Mews, past and present.

Dear Mews - You have all been wonderful beyond anything I ever deserved.  From the earliest tabby females, to the kittens of the one who I watched give birth in my closet because a stupid roommate let a male cat in out of curiousity and I had to find homes for, to the more expected ones later in my life to the ones at the house (Tinkerbelle, then Skeeter and LC), and now you 3 here,  I thank you.

The early sisfurs  (they were all sisfurs) didn't have the best lives.  I was stupid and inexperienced.  But they were happy with me and taught me the basics, and I did get better after the first couple in bad apartments.

The daughter of a daughter of a later cat came with me to my first house.  She (Mischief) was single kitty.  When I returned home one evening to find her just plain dead at 13 years, I was very sad.   I buried her in the garden in a cold pouring November rain and scratched her name on a brick I put over her.

But before I could even grieve much,  my sister asked if I would take their "angry mean cat" who was scratching her and the baby constantly.    I said yes.  Tinkerbelle was uneasy.  She had been seriously injured by a dog (and I do not love dogs to this day).  But I learned to stroke her furs just avoiding the injuries.  We got along, current loved ones...

After a few years, I thought she would like a companion cat.  So I went to a pet shop and it was a mess, being renovated.  The only cat in the shop was Skeeter and I rescued him from the dust and noise.  You only remember him in his last year, Ayla.  But of course he was once just a small kitten and he was terrified.  He calmed down after living here, but I couldn't open a plastic trash bag without him running away.  I always thought he associated plastic bags with dead cats from the store.

And Tinkerbelle was mean to him.  So I got him a kitty of his own. the same day a year later.  She had problems with ear mites and her eyelids stuck together fromthe infections but we got through that.  So it was Tinkerbelle , Skeeter, and LC for a while.

Ayla, you remember Skeeter briefly and LC for another year when you were new here, right?   You don't remember Tinkerbelle.  She used to stay out at night sometimes.  One day, she was out in the morning and wouldn't come back inside when I went fishing one day.  It wasn't that unusual, but I never saw her again.  I called around the neighborhood for a week, but never got a meow-back or eye-reflection from the flashlight.  No neighbor admitted to seeing a dead cat on the street.  I hope she found a new home.  But she was old and my have just decided to off by herself to expire in peace...

So then it was just Skeeter and LC and me.   They became important to me and they were actually the first Mews when I started blogging after reading about Max The Psycho-Kitty.

But by then, Skeeter and LC were old dear friends of so many years.  Skeeter was struggling, and LC was totally oriented to him.  I should have realized that naming the blog after 2 old cats wasn't the smartest thing to do, dear ones, but I didn't think either would ever die.  Well, even us Beings deny reality sometimes.

That's when you, Ayla, really came into my life.  I had always wanted a Siamese girlcat, and found a breeder the previous year who thought you weren't good as a Queen (too small), so she let me have you.  And of course, dear one, that's why you are a Princess because you would never be a Queen.

And you had to suffer being spayed 3 times.  The breeder's vet botched it twice.  Oh those were hard times,  You sufferred, sweet little one.  And so did I with scratches and clawmarks holding you in your misery for a week at a time twice a month.

When you finally went to our own vet because of an infection, he found the problem, spayed you successfully, and it has been calm love ever since.   But then it was you and LC and me and LC followed Skeeter too soon.  

And right away, without foreknowledge, the breeder said she had another female cat "not good for breeding" (smudged colors for a Siameses - which was because she was actually a Tonkinese) and would I accept her?  I said "yes" because well, I wanted a sisfur for you...  I was still working and gone 12 hours a day.

I'm sorry you didn't like each other much.  Iza wasn't the friend to you I thought she would be,  but you didn't like LC either and then she followed Skeeter just before.    So there was you and Iza, and me and you were unhappy.  I decided you needed a brofur.  I searched months for a good orange mancat like Skeeter (because it seems to be something about gingers or oranges) and a blogger found the right one.

So then it was you and me and Iza and Marley.  You 3 got along and became "The Mews".

You 3 are all very special to me.  You, Ayla, are special for the 3 spays and the hard times we spent before that and the loving times after.  You, Iza, are the lovey who can't stand not being next to me and cries when she doesn't know where I am.

And Marley...  What can I say about your soothing presence between Ayla and Iza?  Orange/White mancats are always calming influences,.  And from the moment your temp Lady called you down the stairs at her house, you saw me sitting on the floor, and crawled right onto my lap and purred!  We all understood that you were "The Right One".

My dear Mews, you make my life better than this aging Being has a right to deserve.  Thank "mew" for finding your various ways into my life.  I would be an old crotchety fart without each of you enlightening my life every day.

Thank you, Ayla.

Thank you, Iza.

Thank you, Marley.

I love each of you so much...


Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  I often sit alone in the bedroom.  I'm comfortable there.  Sometimes I play with my tail.  But sometimes I come out.  And I found a different tail to play with!
It moved around really good!
I considered how it moved...
And caught it many times!
Marley was tolerant...  Hes a good brofur...

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Toesie Tuesday

IZA:  Toesie Time!
TBT is jealous cuz HIS aren't nearly so lovely...

Monday, June 03, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I love going outside.  There are always so many inneresting things ta do.

But sometimes, that causes a problem.  Which ta do, which ta do?  So TBT caught a picture of me sitting halfway down the deck stairs looking around trying to make up my mind about what ta do first...
An ya know what?  I don't even  remember what I did first and TBT went inside so HE doesnt know either!   So neither will YOU, MOL!

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  One of my favorite ways ta take it EASY is ta sit in the laundry basket. 
I can see what is goin on all around the house AND I dont have ta get worried about bein stepped on or pounced from behind!

Friday, May 31, 2019

Thursday Garden Tour On Friday

AYLA:  Iza is seriously nappin, so I'm gonna do the Garden Tour today (yes it is a day late - we've be BUSY).
I walk the deck rails a lot, watching outside the yard.  No Vishus Deer are gonna sneak in while *I* am around!
Those plants below me are star-gazer lilies.  There are getting ready ta bloom, and there are LOTS of them in that planter.  They been coming up for 10 years now, so we dont mess with them except fer adding slow-release organic fertilizer in Spring and Fall.

First, I really want to show the pond lilly!  
Here it is in "the whole pond".
The Coreopsis Moonglow is starting to bloom.  That pot is older than me and keeps blooming.
This pot of Stargazer Lilies is almost as old and keeps booming.  Apparently, some slow release organic fertilizer a couple times a year keeps them happy.  If *I* was fed only 2x a year I WOULNT be happy.  But they are plants ...
The first of the Stella D'Oro lillies are blooming.  They will do that several times all Summer, so they are good.
The Pansies are getting to their best bloom.  They started out slow last Fall, but are doing well. The picture is not flaterring...
On the odd side, TBT has garlic growing.  8 bulbs will last him most of a year.  I cant say I blame him.  Purrsonally, I think the stuff smells terrible!
The Venus Fly Traps are growing well after being dormant in the car place all Winter.  TBT feeds them annoying large ants that come in the house, but they catch some bugs on their own.  
I am pleased to show off the deck pots TBT planted a few days ago.  I was amazed ta watch as he dumped all the old soil into a big container, mix fertilizer in it and refilled the pots and then stuck flowers in them.  Lots of werk.  These are all marigolds that will grow Very Big.
And these are ones all planted the same.  Past years, he made them all a bit different.  This year, he went for "same".  Each one has a medium Marigold at the center and 3 each Celosia and Zinnias around it.   We are thinking they will look nice in a month.
Look close to see the plants...
We got our first meadow bed flowers now.  And buds waiting to open.
This is called 'Goatsbeard".  I've never seen a goat, so I dont know why.  But it IS an unusual small shrub and doesnt need anny attention.  It just grows year after year.
The vegable garden is doing good.  WE dont care about it, but TBT eats that stuff.  These are flat italian pole beans.
The peas are growing crazy this year.  
There are lots of peas in those um, pods.  TBT takes the peas out and stir fries the shells.
The tomatoes are growing.  They doubled in size from 2 weeks ago, so I assume they are happy.
Well, that was a long tour.  Let's go up on the shady deck and have some snacks and make jokes about our Beins!  I brought out some hard chickeny crunchies, some soft chewy salmon ones, and we have Niptinis.  We will get fancier later.

Thanks for coming on our Garden Tour...