Friday, March 23, 2018

Freaky Friday

IZA:  Sorry, TBT!  Ya gotta be faster than that ta catch me playin with the Turbo Trak sometimes...

For those not familiar with Cat Math:

Cat Speed divided by Attention Span minus FindCamera times TurnOn plus Click = TooLate

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Womancat Wensday

IZA:  I sometimes get really annoyed when TBT sits down in front of the TV but WONT let me on his lap.  So what if he is eating his dinner.  I want to be close to THAT too!  I mean, just because I grabbed a "small" chicken thigh and ran off with it once (and let's not mention the steak incident), he is suspicious. 

And apparently, just sitting on the arms of the chair isnt good enough.  The right one seems to be the wrong one too.  He complains that I get in the way of him cutting up his meats because his elbow keeps bumping into me.

So I get on the left arm of the chair and that doesnt make him much happier.  Whats wrong with me leaning over as close as I can get?  There is just no satisfying him sometimes!

So after enough times of being hurled cruelly aside [TBT: picked up with care and being set gently on the floor and stroked], I eventually give up and find what comfort I can.

This time, I discovered his shoe makes a pretty good pillow!
Ya take what ya can get sometimes...

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hut Tuesday

AYLA:  Some of you suggested I should try the large hut they saw Marley in a while back.  So I did.
It is inneresting.   A bit large though, and closer to the floor, which I dont like as much.
I even left once and returned at night.  TBT tried a couple pictures, but he was a bit far away.  He mainly just wanted to show that I had returned.
And he liked the laser eyes in the dark.
But I went back to my preferred hut and let him get nearer ta take a better picture.  You know, ta show which one I really like best.
Purrfect size fer ME!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Introoder Monday

IZA:  Our Nip is gowing again!  Not much yet, but it is low and easy ta roll on!
Naturally, there being little of it, I rolled with my head right on it.

I got both sides good so I could smell it REAL well.
But Im not the only one who detected it.  An introoder came to roll on it too a sundown.  TBT tried to sneak out real quiet, but he was already running away.  Introoder cats are cautious in our yards.  They know there are 3 of us of course so they dont want to start anny fights.

Yeah, its a lousy picture, but that is the best TBTs camera can do.
Well, it was completely across the yard AND it was getting dark (to TBT) and his camera.  WE could see him quite well ourselfs of course...

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  You dont often see me on TBTs lap.  It can get kinna busy there and the bedroom is my regular domain annyway.  But sometimes I come out and spend some time there.

This time, even though Iza was already there, I decided ta get up and see if there was room for me too.  Not like I take up much space...
Iza wasnt exactly THRILLED, but she was too comfy to complain much.  She did mutter "Don't get too squirmy", but left it at that.  
I managed ta sit still fer about 10 minutes.  I was happy, TBT was happy, Iza wasnt UNhappy.  Then I decided I had had enough lap and Iza-touching, and left.  I dont like ta overdo things...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Caturday Saturday Product Review

AYLA:  Iza was napping elsewhere (she finally pried herself up off the new Art Of Paw heated mat), so I decided ta give it a try.  Now, you all know the floor is NOT my favrit place ta be.  So I just sat there carefully at first waiting for Iza ta come by an chase me away.
But she dint, and after looking around a bit (and enjoying the warmth), I started to relax. 
This is NICE!
Mebbe I should try napping on it...
 Ooh, more warms!
So I started ta settle right on it good.
I could get used ta this, floor level or not.
I could tell TBT was there taking pictures.  
But I decided ta ignore it.  I mean this really IS comfy...
I got up a few times for food and litterbox visits, but I kept coming back.
I feel warm now.
So I did some grooming.
Gotta have the furs all smooth for when I turn over, tight?
Lick, lick, nibble out a few fur tangles, etc...
Remember, if you want one, go to and if you mention "marksmews" you get a 15% discount.  We get nothing from that.  Well, the mat, but we already have that, MOL!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Freaked Out Vet Visit

MARLEY:  Yes, I had to visit the vet AGAIN, a couple days go, and it took me a while ta get over it.  TBT brought me back to have my teeth cleaned.  I was just sitting on the bed and he picked me up (which I don't like unless it means lap time) but it was too early for that.  And before I could think, I was face in to the PTU!  And off we went.

I didn't even have a chance to start yelling!

So we got to the VET again and he LEFT me there!!!  They stabbed me and I went to sleep.

I woke up in a larger cage about 3'x3'x3' and they told TBT to come get me.  I Heard them.  When he got there, they all acted strange.  First they said TBT had ta talk to the DR VET,  And when he showed up, he had nothing important to say.

Then I heard TBT say, "WHAT'S wrong?.  Yeah, Me, Marley, the laid back one...", I was going crazy.  And that scared me too.  But they finally admitted they were afraid to get me out of the cage!

You would have been proud of me.  Every time they got near I THREW myself at the cage door all clipped claws flailing, I hissed, growled and threatened bodily harm to them all.  I was angry!  Twice in two weeks there !!!

Then TBT arrived.  They offerred him heavy leather gloves, but he declined.  He said my name the right way.  He  talked to me a minute and said we were going home again.  Then he calmly reached in and let me sniff his hand.  I was still hissing and growling like he had never seen.   He told me later he expected a few bites but was prepared to accept them.  But I knew him.

So I slowly relaxed and he picked me right up and I shook on his shoulder as I knew I was safe again.  He told me we were going home but I had to get into the PTU again, and I went right in.

The vet people were amazed at how suddenly I changed, but I was with TBT again and all was OK.  We got home and I got out of the PTU and ran unner the bed, but he laid down there and I came right out and pushed against him tightly until I relaxed.   And we both just stayed there a while. 

And he just held me there until I finally fell asleep. in his arms.  Well, it was a really hard day...  I thought I was back in the shelter place all alone again.  Doggies barking all around, stuff I remembered badly...  Some of you know...

TBT says we aren't gonna do that again.  Not that way, at least...

Product Review Thursday

IZA:  We got sent an Art Of Paws Heated Mat to review recently.  TBT set it up while we were outside so we wouldn't notice it at first as a test.  He used his infrared thermometer on it and it was mostly about 90F after 30 minutes.  It has a nice soft removable washable cover.
As soon as we came back inside, I noticed it right away.  Well, "new" is allus interesting.  I went right over and laid down on it!  
Nice to sit on!
Nice to lay on!
I zonked out on it.  I didn't even know my tongue was hanging out until I saw the pics later...
Over the past few days, I am nearly ALWAYS on it!
Warms my bones, ya know?
ALMOST as good as TBT's lap (when I can't get on his lap when he is eating his dinner)...
I've taken it over!
Like a sunpuddle unnerneath.
Mine, all mine!
Ayla wants to get a try, but I'm NOT giving it up!  Not yet annyway.
OK, now we think we have to say a few things.  We got sent this fer free in exchange for reviewing it honestly.  Free things are good.  But you know us and when we don't like something we say so (like some of those strange kitty litters we tried). 

So, we gotta say that Marley shows no interest in this heated pad at all.  And Ayla is curious about getting a try - Dream on tiny girl....  Well, we DO have a whole heated waterbed ya know, so we we are familiar with warmth from below.  And Marley and Ayla love their huts.  But I love this heated mat!

So it is ME who loves it. TBT says that if he knew how MUCH I loved it, he would have bought one before.  So I'm glad we got sent one to try!

And there is even better stuff.  Because we tried this (and I only say this because I LOVED it), we can offer you 15% off at if you mention "marksmews".  We get nothing from that.

I wouldn't recommend it iffen I didn't LOVE it so much!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Womancat Wensday

Wherein Iza and Ayla surround TBT and DON'T get what they expected...

Ayla to the left...
Iza to his right...
Ayla to his Left again.  Demanding bits of the meat on his plate (and just after being fed).
It was ham they could smell, and wanted a share.  But the surprise was on them!  TBT suggested they didnt want THIS ham, but they insisted.  And after a tiny bite each, they ran away shaking their heads. Stir-fried ham with hot peppers! 

Morale of the story; if TBT says you probably dont want to taste something, you probably don't.

Which reminds TBT of the time Skeeter licked the edge of a ham sandwich in stealth and discovered what mustard was...

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Before We Forget

TBT usually takes pictures at the vet.  But because he was pressed into service helping to hold us for shots and clippy claws (oh the betrayal), he couldn't take pictures of our humiliation. 

Somehow, that seems to balance out somewhat... 

All he got was our pictures leaving the V-E-T and the torture room.  But,  since they aren't the bad pictures, we will show them.

Here we are, all lined up like little captured prisoners.  Ayla gets the small PTU, Iza gets the medium PTU, Marley gets the largest one with the open top (he is a bit claustrophobic and hyperventilates).
TBT even joked that we were "Barely-Haired and the 3 Goldicats".  He'll pay for that.  And he did and the reception desk.  A Grand.

This is the torture room.  The good thing was that he had to stand around waiting 10 minnuts between when we were taken away to have our blood stole (and a few things we wont even MENTION) and was UTTERLY BORED.  He says there USED TO BE pictures on the walls, but they re-did the place.  Not that WE ever noticed...
We are just posting this because TBT says we always should to prove he takes care of us and for posterity...  Why posterior matters, we don't know...