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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Not A Werdless Wensday

A bit later yesserday...
After I was all settled in, Iza went for the far corner of the bed, since it doesn't move all that much when TBT tosses and turns.  Ayla likes to get in his knee angles, but wants to make sure Iza won't do the same.

We all settle down eventually, every cat in a place that suits.

TBT is the one who can barely turn over at night...  MOL!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Drawer Bed

MARLEY:  Nothing like a drawer full of comfy TBT unnershirts to make a good place to sleep the night away. 
I haven't been here in a while.  Nice change of spots.  

Monday, August 13, 2018

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  The Turbo Trak Fever hit me.

What can I say?
When it does, ya gotta respond...
I pushed it unner the big recliner...
And went after it more then.
Oh glorious little ball, I want to get you SO much!
Arrr, you run, but you cant hide!
But Im tired.  See you next time, ball!
Better get yer best moves ready!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Easy Like Sunday

We spend a lot of time all aroubd TBT.  Not always together in contact, but "around him", ya know?

Ayla tail-wrapped (as usual) and on the floor (unusual).
Marley on the ottoman...
And Iza on the arm of the chair staring at the food on my plate...
Yes, she got some bits of my chicken thigh.  So did Ayla.  Marley is not interested.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  Fav spots...  Other than TBTs lap, of course. A towel fer ME...
The back of the chair fer Marley.
Ayla is nappin on the shoe rack.  She loves the bedroom. 

Cuz IM not in there.  Bwa-ha-ha.  Oops, sorry.  I dont usually reveal that. 

Ahem!  "Cuz she likes it there calm and quiet"...  Yeah, thats better...

Friday, August 10, 2018

Flashback Friday

MARLEY:  OK we are today in 2012, 6 years ago.  I was looking at the fence.
The other side was "interesting".
But that IS a long way up and I'm standing on something.   TBT was telling me it would be harder getting back.  That I would have to come in from the FRONT yard.  And that is a scary place even if TBT is standing there with the door open.  I did that once and dint like it.  My tail was all poofified. which is never good
And he said he had treats inside.  Well, maybe I would try the fence some other time...

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Thankful Thursday

MARLEY:  I've got the lap ALL to myself. 
You didnt see all the scritchies, but I got them.   For some reason, the scritchies and the camera never happen at the same time.
I soaking up TBT's warmth.
There is something on the TV but I never pay attention to that.  Ayla does.  She says there are little thing moving somewhere in there.
Here ya can see why TBT doesn't move much.  He has snacks on the table.  We have all sniffed those a few times, but they are yucky...
The lap is good enough!
And Iza is nearby on the heaty mat...
I tried it once but it is too warm fer me.  TBT says I am a natural warm boy on my own.  I think that's good.  In fact, TBT says I heat him up lots.  So sometimes he changes his back legs around.  That's good for me too.  Hots are sometimes too much.

Iza can take it forever.
We are both thankful for the right amount of warms.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Womancat Wensday

IZA:  I need a better bed near TBT!  This clutterred surface is beneath my dignity.
But sometimes it is the closest I can get.  When he is eating his dinner of amazing good foods (the meat part annyway), I get on the arm of the chair and it is sometimes "Iza Down" (gently).  
So sometimes I just stay up here, waiting.  He relents eventually and tosses a bit of chicken on the floor to me (and Ayla, grr) .  I used to think it was embarrassing, but Noms ARE Noms and he gets really generous with them.
Sometimes he even surprises us with chewy treats he has kept hidden away and that is REALLY good!  Even Marley likes THOSE.  We never quite know what is coming off his food table...

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Tummy Tuesday

The deck is temporarily dry, so I'm enjoying it.  It has been raining for almost 2 full weeks.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I've really been enjoying my little cave lately.  I had been sleeping at night on the platform above, but this little cave has become a good comfy place.
TBT Here:  Marley's little "cave" used to be a standup cylinder with 2 levels.  But when I realized none of the Mews used it that way, I pounded the middle shelf out. pulled out every staple, re-upholstered the inside, and laid it on its side between 2 posts of an old 3-platform tree I made myself.   Marley loves it.

And that is one of the best places to find whiskers.  The fancier cat trees in the living room are 2nd, the bed blankets are 3rd, and the mat where the food bowls are is 4th.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Easy Like Sunday

It is morning and we all want to get out.  We have had breakfast.  We look out, prowl around the place where the door opens on TBT's command and wait. 
Oh C'mon door, OPEN!
And then TBT commands it to open and we are OUT.  To smell the air full of birdies and rabbits and Evil Skwerls, and voles etc.  And maybe find a couple.  Not that we often DO, but we always have hopes...

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  I'm doing my door guardian werk today!  No cat or TBT can pass without me knowing about it...
If it is Ayla or Marley, I'll whap gently.  If it is TBT I'll follow and demand food for my efforts.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Flashback Friday

MARLEY:  Well,  lets see.  Here I was 7 years ago today!  I was enjoying the cat tree huts...

First, I washed myself real good in the small one with the square door.  Notice my l-o-n-g tongue!
I nibbled out a few small mats...
Then after that, I napped in the larger one with the mouseholey type door.
Though Im not sure I would wanna meet the mousie that fit in it...  
The little ones can be fiesty enough, MOL!

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Thursday Patience

IZA:  Do you ever just sit by the food bowls and wait?
When they are empty?
You don't?
OH.  Well, then, I'm just sitting here by coincidence.
Are you SURE?  I mean I wouldnt want it ta be just me.  Not that I am.  Im just sitting here...  No thought of food on my mind at all.  Well, it might be rabbit or duck, you know.  Not that Im sitting here waiting for it you unnerstand...

Just sitting here...

Wednesday, August 01, 2018