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Saturday, August 21, 2021

A Day In The Life

TBT Here:  I thought I would describe a typical day.  I think I did that once some years ago, but maybe things have changed a bit...

Midnight:  I might be going to bed then, or staying up on the computer playing Civilization 2 or in discussion forums, or visiting cat-friends or emailing.

1 AM:  See above.  And sometimes I just stay on the computer until past dawn, so I won't mention that again.

2 AM:  If in bed, Marley is likely to come sit on the bed near my feet.  He kneads the blanket, purrs, and settled down to sleep.

3 AM:  Pee time.  Me, not the cats.  I don't know when they pee or poop.  It's not that they are secretive about it, but I'm seldom there when they do. 

4 AM:  Suddenly realize I actually fell asleep shortly after 3.  Because I had a dream!  No monsters. embarrassing situations, etc.  MY dreams are about things failing to work.  Doorknobs fall off, windows leak, I'm walking a long road, stores are closed, my house has rooms I never knew about.

5 -7 AM:  I sleep longer then.  But dreams involve non-working public bathrooms.  Must pee again...

8 AM:  Marley likes to get under the covers.  I think the house gets too cold for him.  I keep it at 72F daytime but 68F at night.  So I guess 68F is his lowest comfort point.  He loves the heated waterbed and "unner the covers" is warmer and he settles a foot away from me.  Sometimes Laz joins him. But Laz is a serious contact cat.  He pushes harder against me than any cat before, and I can't sleep with "hot cat contact".

10 AM:  Laz leaves the covers and gets active, running around the house and complaining loudly.  His natural call is a "crying, whining" sound.  For a cat who never got outside his first 3 years, he sure loves it now!

11AM:  Laz starts walking around the bed.  Sometimes he jumps on me.  Its daylight, and he wants to go out.  But I won't allow a cat outside if I am not up (in case there is a problem).  Sometimes, I am still in bed at this time (well, if you go to bed at 3 AM sometimes, 11 AM is normal).

Daytime is less habitual...

First thing after I get up of course is the feed The Mews.  It is so automatic, I just take cans out of the Mews Pantry and pad to the kitchen.  Fortunately, I have 2 dozen catfood bowls.  The pantry is arranged for various flavors alternated land and sea tastes.  I think that varying the tastes makes them happy, but for all I know, they don't care.

After First Meal, I open the deck door.  Laz will go out in rain (he knows where there are dry sheltered places).  Ayla jumps on the deck rail under the shelter of the roof overhang.  Marley stays inside mostly, but loves sniffies so I leave the door cracked 1" for a few minutes.

Second Meal is always a different flavor.  I arrange the pantry that way.

In midafternoon, we play toys.  None of the current Mews are big toy-mousie-chasers like Iza was.   Marley doesn't even get the concept.  Ayla will play sometimes.  Laz is beginning to like wand toys.  I've never had cats who ignored toys so much before.  I try sometimes...

5 PM:  It's crunchy time!  I make a cocktail, the Mews like their crunchies.  Ayla likes them "OK", Marley likes them more.  Laz grew up on dry kibble and LOVES the 5 PM treat of them.  And I have to admit that Marley will eat his less-favorite canned flavors if they are topped with a few crunchies.  After he eats THEM his tummy is activated and he eats all the rest of WHATEVER is in his bowl.

7PM:  MY dinnertime...  The previous Mews loved me tossing kibbles around.  The current ones are beginning to enjoy that but not dedicated to it yet.

8PM:  After dinner, I watch some specific TV shows.  I have assorted cut fresh fruits and nuts as snacks.  But it is Laptime for The Mews.  It is becoming a bit random about which Mews sees the Lap first.  Marley is most demanding of it, but Laz is enjoying lap-attention more these days.  Ayla gets laptime, but she likes the back of the chair a lot too.  She also lays over my shoulder a lot.

10PM:  The Mews usually decide to go sleep about this time.  Marley likes to nap on the floor next to the waterbed for some reason.  Ayla will nap on the back of the easy chair or on the aquarium hood (warmer?) and Laz loves napping up against the pillow on the bed.  

11PM:  Last meal (there are generally 5 or 6 during the day).  They know the sound of a can being opened and walk around me as I spoon food into bowls.  They get more meals per day but smaller ones.  

And then, back to midnight and repeat...