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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Tablecloth

IZA:  TBT took off the plastic tablecloth from the dining table (we are not fancy) today an spread it out so we could see all the damage.  We werent sure iffen that meant we were in trubble or not, so we checked it cautiously.
Marley an Ayla said they couldnt recall doing anny damage to it.  They were right, this was all MINE!  I was proud of some of the holes I ripped out.  It did take some extended werk.
While Ive always had ta do this sittin inna chair or standin up from the floor, I demonstrated my teckneek as best I could.  See?  I both chew AND claw!
I can get my whole front leg in there.
Here is a 2nd place...
And a 3rd.
I started on a new spot ta show off.
And had a 4th hole within an hour.
Amazingly, TBT just took an IDENTICAL one out of the closet an put it on the table.  He only said fer me ta go easy on that one an rip up this old one.