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Monday, April 28, 2014

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I dont usally jump up on places I cant see where Im gonna land.  So the boat has been an off-place fer me.  But I got up carefully on part of the trailer anbd discovered I could stretch up an see over the top.  There was a nice flat platform there.  So I hopped up an sniffed around a bit.
It wasnt as ecitin as I thought it might be.  The view up higher was OK, but not better than the deck.
I looked around some.  There ARE possibilities of ambushin a skwerl from up here.  I could pounce from above...
I'd have ta hide down on the floor fer a while.  I checked that out and its all full of old wet leafs.  Yuck!  I'll have ta get TBT ta clean it all out first.
 Meanwhile, I got better places ta esplore, so I'm hoppin down.
But its good ta know how ta get UP THERE.  Ya know, fer after TBT cleans out the leafs...