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Monday, August 13, 2012


MARLEY:  Oh My Cod!  The girls declared it to be MARLEY WEEK!  Apparently, they planned it fer like ALL MONTH.  Cuz its my BIRFDAY WEEK.  I totally fergot.  Well, I've only had one before, and the timing is a bit vague to me.  Its not like new stars appear at night or something, and LAST YEAR, TBT told me about it.

I got let OUT!!!  So there will be pictures of my day out all week ...

It started when TBT went out ta do his garden chores this morning and he let Iza out with him.  I was chasing the open door, so he sat down (really) an thought about it.  He's been cautious about us going out because Ayla used to stay out several days and nights.  An when he let me out last year, I watched Ayla an learned how ta get over the big tall fence.

Ayla and I got kept inside for over a year since then.  Iza is allowed out (mostly fer the Garden Tour, but sometimes when TBT is out with her) cuz she is too fat ta get over the fence (and she says she doesn't want to, annyway).

And he says there are practical matters.  Grampa likes to go out on the deck an it takes him a full minute to get in or out sometimes (his feets don't always werk too well).  So TBT decided that if we were pacing around at the open door making OUT movements, he was gonna have to adjust to reality.

And he said it was better iffen I got outside when HE was outside.  And also, since Grampa watches Fox News all day and TBT stays outside a bit more often becuz of that, he wanted some company.  So he made Ayla and I cross-our-hearts-and-stay-in-the-yard-or-become-mousies!

We crossed our hearts.  Actually, we would have ripped each other's ears off to get outside, and we LIKE each other).

Iza came out with me (IZA:  I was instructed ta SCREECH iffen Marley ran fer the fence) to start.  I looked out carefully fer monsters, Vishus Deer, and Evil Skwerls.  I dint see anny, so I went out.  It was GREAT, soft blowy breeze, new smells, no TV sounds, birdie chirps, etc.
Iza said I was sniffin the wrong plants, an nudged me over ta the grass.  I was nervous an hopped back onto the patio.
Where I liked the smell of the lettuce in the planter.  Iza was a bit annoyed and stomped off.  
She pointed out good stuff ta roll around in.  It looked a bit damp!
She came over and said "leave that lettuce alone.  This is a rare chance ta eat some grass and throw it up. That feels good..."  I wasn't sure about THAT!  Iza seems ta like ta throw up, but it seems a bit "violent" ta me.
Meanwhile, Ayla was dithering at the basement doorway.  She was actally RELUCTANT to come OUT with us.  Yes, TBT invited her, too.
Iza finally decided I had spent enough time on the cement patio.  "Time ta go out on the lawn, Big Boy", she snickered...
Well, after she nibbled my leg the 3rd time (IZA:  Three's the charm"), I went out on it.  I had forgotten what it felt like.  All rough and pebbly underpaw,  stuff moved underpaw, and there were TWIGS I hadda keep stepping over!

More tomorrow!