Wednesday, August 08, 2012

World Cat Day

TBT here:  I got to thinking about World Cat Day.  You know, with cats and Dad being around...  I read the blogs and see the kittehs who have had long happy lives with one Bein like me.  I see the rescue/shelter blogs where kittehs long for homes.  It tears my heart.  The hard part is when I think "could I do one more"?

For now, the household is calm and happy, and I will not change it.  Marley settled Ayla and Iza down from girlcat hissyfits, and all is good.  I am reluctant to chance disrupting a peaceful household (not being sexist, a girlcat can settle two fussing mancats too).  But peaceful is peaceful.

But there will come a day when (if I live as long as family history suggests), they will pass over the Rainbow Bridge before me and I will want more cat-companionship. 

But until then, it will be Ayla, Iza, and Marley. 

On that day, I will seek out an old cat that needs a final place to call a "forever home" for the first or last time.  And I will cherish it for the love of THAT cat, and for all older cats in general.  If it wants to live alone with me, I will do that.  If it wants a cat-companion even in old age, I will do that too.

Unless there is some unusual situation, there will be no more kittens at my house.  I'll miss that, but it is a practical matter.  I might not outlive them.  So rather than uproot a growing cat, I will help old cats the next time around.  Its not a good decision either way.  Kittens deserve homes as much as older cats do.  But I think older cats need homes, get ones fewer, and are probably feeling lost more than kittens are.  Sometimes no choices are perfect.

I suspect that giving a few older cats some safe house and loving attention at least one final time, when I am old too outlive kittens, is probably the sensible thing I can do.  It will be a while.  Ayla is oldest at 5 and I'm 62.  Marley just turned 2.  But when I am 78, Marley will be 18, and that is about the best I can hope for.  And after 78, I'll be "iffy".  It wouldn't be fair to bring a kitten into the house then, knowing it would likely outlive me.

When my mother, at age 80, and declined to get a new cat after her loved cat Jeremy died, I suggested she get a kitten, assuring her I would take it in if she couldn't care for it.  Now I understand better.

In my last thoughts, there will be many cat names to recall.  My last thought may be Skeeter.  Or perhaps Iza, one never knows.  Iza is astonishingly me-oriented and I can't say for sure which cat will be on my last breath.  But I hope it will be the thoughts of ALL the cats.  When I pass over the Bridge, I will hope to see them all.

But just maybe, there will be one I left behind and I will linger on the Bridge for, to make sure it can join me.

One never knows...