Monday, July 09, 2012

Skwerl On Deck!

AYLA: Well, I DID see it first!  Thats why Marley is BEHIND me...
This one crazy Skwerl keeps comin up on our deck to drink from the plant saucer water.  Even though he SEES us right up close.
We had fantasies about the plant cage bein made of razor wire and then whapping the door so the Evil Skwerl would jump up and cut his head off (an then us getting outside at it), but of course that never happens.

So we hadda stare at it while it did its Evil Skwerlly Business right in front of us.

But ya know what TBT discovered?  Do ya?

There was no water in the plant saucer!  Just dry brown stuff.  The poor skwerl was just licking up minerals.  We felt sorry fer it...

Psych!  We dint.  We hoped it choked!!!  Its an EVIL SKWERL, after all...

We hates them.  We had 50 apples on our 2 trees and the Evil Skwerls came and picked them all off but 2!  REALLY!  They eat them unripe fer the water, and there is a whole pond right next to the apples.  They are not ONLY Evil, they are DUMB!

The final indignity is that we BEGGED TBT ta put nasty hot stuff in the plant saucer, but ya know what he DID?   He said mebbe he would add some water to the saucer.

We WORRY about TBT sometimes.  His mind is just NOT quite RIGHT.