Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh, Look!

TBT noticed us staring intently out the deck door yesserday evening.  What do you suppose we were lookin at?
Was it:

1.  A Hummerbird
2.  A Bug
3.  A Skwerl





It was a Big Bug!  It jus kept walkin round an round and round the hummerbird feeder. 
 And round and round and round...
Silly bug!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


TBT:  All kitties get nicknames from time to time, and they change.  I should keep a list.  But I like the ones I am using at the moment.

Marley has a neat little black fur spot under his ear.
Iza is a bit of a widebody.  On the rare occasions she backs up, I say "beep - beep - beep".
Ayla likes to headbutt me for attention (sorry, no good picture of that).

So, lately I've been calling them "Smudge, Pudge, and Nudge"!

I crack me up sometimes...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Werdy Wensday

More werd definitions fer Werd Verification Werds:

1.  Canicks - What Max the Psychokitty sees when The Woman eats a mushroom.
2.  Bersign - A big poop in the woods.
3.  Grabi -  Marley, when the treats are put on the floor.
4.  Menis - That really annoying kitty sibling.
5.  Avastai - What a Roman Empire pirate says.
6.  Sograte - TBT cooked a ham, so our dinner was sograte.
7.  Watio - An outside enclosure fer pet wabbits.
8.  Supousta - TBT was supousta clean the litterbox, but he fergot.
9.  Kerli - Like Daisy's furs an whiskers.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toesie Tuesday

IZA:  Its been a gray month.  I cant amember the last time we had sunpuddles, so Im just gonna sprawl around on the trees again today...
Oh, and Ayla wants me ta thank evryone who enjoyed her singin yesserday...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ayla Sings

TBT:  Ayla Sings to her toy...  It's a very poor attempt, but also the best yet.  Ignore the ceiling, I just wanted the audio.  She stops if I make the slightest movement or sound.  So this is just me aiming the Flip Camera to her sounds.  I was just trying to get her singing to her toy.  I'm new at this.

Audio only...  (video is just of the ceiling)

As she sounds fainter, she is walking away with her cylendrical feather toy in her mouth...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

We're taking it easy today together in the MewsRoom...
Iza decided ta sit out in the livin room an watch TBT eat lunch in case he dropped somethin.  As best we could tell by listening, he dint!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Wrasslin

We decided we need a bit of exercise...
It dint last TOO long.
We ended up nappin together in the bedroom...

Friday, September 23, 2011


We are horrified.  Never thought this would happen ta us.  TBT said a particlar  bad werd today...


Do we look THAT fat?  TBT says "the scales dont lie", though.  Today we got weighed, and the sad tale of the scale was Iza 13 lbs, Marley 13 lbs, and Ayla 8.5 lbs!  Now, in absolute terms that doesnt sound too bad ta us.  But TBT says its the steady upward direction that troubles him.  But we all made our best objections anyhow:

IZA:  "I ONLY gained .5 lb inna year!"
MARLEY:  "Im a growing mancat!"
AYLA:  "Im jus makin up fer lost time!"

To which he replied:  "Iza (aka PUDGE), you've ALWAYS been fat; Marley, a lb per month of life is too much; Ayla, you make a good point, but that 2 pounds in a month!"

So we complained that its not fair.  We run around an wrassle a lot, we chase tossed toys an each other, an we go up an down the cat trees.  Its YOUR fault fer feedin us so generously...


Well THAT was a mistake!!!  TBT jus laffed an said he was sure we would trap ourselfs like that.  He is TRICKY!  OK, so we split a can of stinky goodness 3 times a day.  An get a handful each of crunchies twice in between each can...  We ARE really good at begging fer crunchies...

Sadly, we THINK we just lost a handful of crunchies between each can.  That is, iffen we didnt lose a whole can per day.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Its gray an overcast, but dont worry, its not rainin - yet!  The Fall flowers are comin along nicely, an the Summer ones are still hangin in there, so lets go take a look at them.

The sedum is getting darker now.  It is fun watching them change from lighter pink than the bright pink aster next ta them ta dark red.  It makes the asters seem ta change color too!
The mums are finally opening.  There are white ones...
and pale orange ones.  Yeah, these look darker than "pale", but thats just cuz they are all packed together right now.  Youll see how pale they look next week!
The goldenrod is openin too.  But these are just the first.  It will look a LOT fuller soon.
These asters are a pale pink that doesnt really match anny other flowers, but its OK cuz they are by themselves.  They are all flopped down though.  I gotta remind TBT to  put up some supports.
We arent sure what these are.  They are either decent-looking weeds or poor-lookin asters.  TBT planted some asters here some years ago, but he thinks they died.  He says he is gonna pull them up either way.  So I am showin them a bit before they go...
The summer annuals are still bloomin.  We are thinkin of adding a 2nd color of marigold next year.  Bright orange or red-rust mebbe.
The amazin pansies have bloomed nearly all Summer!  Weerd fer pansies.  Mebbe they will just keep on all winter!  An speakin of weerd, there were 2 containers of them in Spring.  One reseeded an filled the container, the other dint grow a single new pansy!
We will be gettin snacks down on the patio taday.  While the deck is cool an damp, the patio is dry an the cement is warm.  Good rolling conditions!  Taday we have fishie flavor chewy sticks, some chickie crunchies, some Niptinis, and some toona juice!

Thank you all fer comin by taday!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Forward, Into The Past!

AYLA:  I keep missin showin my tummy stitches gettin out.  I try an I try and Marley allus has somethin or Iza does.  An then there is a holiday or Pirate event or somethin.

Well Im puttin my foot down NOW!!!  One just does NOT frustrate a PRINCESS like that for long!

I wanna show ya my stitches bein taken out at least an some comments...  NOW!

I sure hope I dint show these afore, that would be abarrassin after all this fussin...

I arrived in PTU an collar...
I got took out from the top, which was better than dragged out the front.  I highly recommend these new top doors...
 See, like this is not as good.
The pretty nurse held me carefully.  Usally TBT does, but this was a more delicate deal.  But cuz TBT wasnt holdin me, I had the lazers on...
I couldnt see myself, but TBT said they were pullin WIRES out of my tummy!  No WONDER they ouched when I managed ta lick a little bit down there!
It hurt a bit when the wires were pulled out.  Lazers ON!
But they were actally gone pretty quick.  Dr Jeffrey has good teckneek.  A few cuts and a quick pull, and gone!
Nurse "Arent You Such A Good Girl" held me after and gave me a GREAT neck massage.  Well, she is trained in that stuff!  But it was very appreciated.
She even did a little twist on my neck.  That felt SO GOOD!
And we went home...

Now, I showed ya all that cuz I been asked a few times how the operashun affected me.

The answer is WUNNERFULLY!

I am SO MUCH calmer.  I sleep unner the covers most nights.  I nap with Iza or Marley, or BOTH!  I eat better.  I useta scorn food many days at a time, but now I eat happily EVERY day several times.  I play with toys a lot more.  Not like Iza an Marley, who chase annything what moves, but I like the milk rings and the crumpled up big twisty-ties an the hot dog-shape fevver thing most.

I carry them around an sing.  THAT really surprised TBT (and Marley an Iza)!  But my best singing toy is a weerd big hot-dog-like thing wif fevvers out each end.  Marley an Iza nevver pay it no mind, but I carry it around like a prize.

I drop it whenever I here the camera come awake, but here it is when I am still near it...
See the fevvers?  An I like grabbin the round middle part in my mouf an prancin around the house in the middle of the night.  I go "merf, merf merf" all night long.  Happy songs to my fevver toy.
TBT isnt as happy about that as I am.  Sometimes he calls me to the bed when I do that (LOUD) .  Did I mention I often get unner the covers these days now?  I like that.  I get all close ta TBT an Iza is usally unner there too.  So I lay up against her an she hardly growls a bit.

So things have sure been differnt the past month.  I have gained a WHOLE pound, fer one thing.  Food tastes better fer some reason.  I useta be the one that rejected all the stinky goodness but now I see what Iza an Marley like about it.  Nom, nom, nom!  I lick my bowl clean even with stuff I dint usetaq like AT ALL!

An I sit on TBT lap in the evening like I never did much afore.  Youve seen the pictures.  Iza isnt as thrilled as I am.  But she puts up with me pretty good.  She says it is better than me yowling around the house all night.

The funny thing is that I cant get enough of Marley since the operation.  I groom him alla time.  Annywhere he goes, Im there.  At night he hdes unner the covers past Iza an I cant get at him fer more licking an groomin.  Iza says I should give him a break sometimes.
 But Im tryin ta make up fer lost time, ya know?  These days, I just love ta lick both of them.

But the main thing is, I am SO HAPPY and calm fer the first time in my life an I just cant get over it.  I'm just purrin an purrin an purrin alla time.

What more could a Meezer Princess ask for than such happy calmness in life after several years of the HEATS half her life!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Meow Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy, Mateys - The crew of the Brigand "Cat Tree" here!  We be sailin the seas alookin fer Booty, Nip, an Treats...  Our fair ship, she be able ta run down and heave to anny vessal whats got those precious things!

See our proud beauty, me hearties...

Aye, here be a closer view of our beauty vessel, if ye dare get so close.  Thar be Captain Mousebreath Marley at the helm, Bloody Princess Ayla in the Crows Nest, an BilgeRat Iza down below guardin the treasure chest.
Now its off ta the port ta get loaded ta the gunwales on Nip Grog an seek sprogs ta man the ship!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

Its a gray cloudy quiet day here, so we are spendin it on the cat trees.

In Twos...

In Ones an Twos...

And in Ones...

We couldnt quite get into a Three today.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Treat Container Management

MARLEY:  The other day, TBT put an open container on the floor in front of me.  I recognized it as the treat jar, so I ran right over an stuck my nose in.  I could SMELL treats in there, but couldnt find anny.  There was just crums...He tricked me!

[Marley, I thought you would lick up the crumbs.]

Well, hmmm.  I actally dint think of doing that.  But it was OK cuz he had another open treat jar with treats init.  I pawed some out...
An ate them one at a time.
Ayla kept tryin ta get some out at the wrong end.  Shes not good at puzzles like I am.  So I turned it around so she could have the ones Id pawed out an went around ta get more fer myself!
Iza napped through the whole thing, MOL!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Boxy Friday

MARLEY:  TBT caught me in TWO cat tree boxes.  He thinks thats special.  I just like sittin in closed spaces...

Box 1 part A
 Box 2 Part Y
An Z...