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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  Thank Cod the visitors left just before dinner yesserday.   It turned out they were TBT's sister an her husband.  I remember them.  TBT dragged me to THEIR house last year and they had the evil Lucy-Fur cat!  Luckily, they dint bring Lucy-Fur with them.

It was hard bein locked in the bedroom all day, cuz we could tell the deck door was open.  The sounds an smells crept right unner the bedroom door.  We would have rather been hidin from the visitors OUTSIDE, but TBT said he was afraid we might run away.

He opened the bedroom door later (but while THEY were still here).  Iza went out and took a look around and checked to see if she could get anny food (naturally).  But she came back and said not only no food for kitties, but the screen door was coverin the deck exit, so we couldnt sneak outside annyway.

Iza says the sister is mean to cats.  She snuck up on Iza and said HISS and laffed.  And when Iza puffed an ran around the corner, she snuck up from the other way and said HISS again.  Several times!  Iza finally ran back to the bedroom.

TBT esplained later that that was a game his sister and Lucy-Fur play alla time and Lucy-Fur LOVES it.  Well, I spose she WOULD.  But TBT laffed too, so I spose it IS some kinna game ya could learn ta play with yer Bein.

Annyway, after all THAT yesserday, we decided ta sleep in today.  Naturally, Ayla an I decided ta sleep on the bed for our Easy Like Sunday naps.  Iza decided ta spend hers near the top of the cat tree.  She says she had ENOUGH of us yesserday.
Im ready ta zonk out...
Iza wants to keep an eye on TBT an Grampa...
Have a good Easy everone!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Peoples are comin!  We're gonna go hide today...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Buggy Friday

MARLEY:  I GOT one!  A BIG one too...

Ya see, we were all outside, an Iza and I heard some buzzing sound among some old dry leafs.  We both went ta investigate.
The buzzin sound kept movin around under the dry leafs.
I finally saw it an scooped it RIGHT out.
After a few good biteys, it stopped buzzin so much.  Its wings felt really funny vibratin around my lips though!!!
TBT called it a cicada.  He says it was "late to the party" this year.  Huh, did we miss a party?  But I had fun batting it around and havin everyone watchin me play with it. 
Even Ayla was watching me!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Oh boy, I get ta do the garden tour this week!   And this week, it WILDLIFE!!!

First is my favrit.  Its an ant lion pit.  The ant lion hides in the bottom and waits fer an ant to fall over the edge.  And when it cant climb out, the ant lion GRABS it an pulls it unner the dirt!  Is that COOL or what?
This neat guy hovers like a hummerbird, looks like a bee, but its a moth.
We dont know what this is, but its big and looks fierce...
Speaking of fierce, this snakie is getting warm on the storm drain grate an waitin fer a frog to come along.  Its small but I wouldnt get TOO close.
We got 3 goldfishies in the pond ta prettify it.  Theyve been in there since Ayla moved here.  And NO, we dont eat the decorations!
And finally, we have frogs in the pond.  They make funny noises , especially when snakie grabs them...  But theres always more frogs.
Ayla is wavin an saying our snacks are up on the deck.  We have crumbled meatloaf!  And chicken kibble for those more tradionally oriented...  Olus Ayla has made Meowgaritas and there is Nip leafs fer appetizers.

Thank you so much fer coming ta visit...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time Out...

I'm tired.  And  don't want the flochy bot near.

UPDATE:  TBT Here - Wow, They are SUPPOSED to let me know when they have a post for me to fix up, but apparently Ayla hit the wrong button trying to save it to draft.  Lets see...  The "flochy bot" is the "flashy box", or camera.  But she cant recall what "our local u fs" is.  We were all up real late...  Maybe it will come to her later.

Catchin Up!

We have been remiss.  TBT said that to us, we think it means "busy".  We got a wunnerful package from Punnipipurri weeks ago.

We are bad kitties fer not showin the pictures til now...  TBT says we will ONLY get our reglar treats fer a day. 

But LOOK at the great stuff!

First, of course, there was the package.  We all love the packages. 
And then there was the insides.  We LOVE the insides of packages addressed to us!!!
I usally test them out first.
Score:  100!
It flys!  Its a Magical Flying Fish!
It dips!  (Notice Marley hiding, he wants to see it won't grab him)
 Utterly grabbable by ME!!!
Thank you SO MUCH all the Punapipurri Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Go Out Too

AYLA:  Hi - I just wanned ta show that I DO TOO go out in the yard in spite of what Marley said yesserday!  Here, we were all just goin out copule days ago.
I went RIGHT OUT on the lawn.
I sniffed around some of the mousie holes (well, they are almost all voles here).
I checked the flowerbeds ta make sure TBT been keepin up on his weedin (yes he has).
I allus examine annything long an skinny ta make sure its a hose an not a snakie!
And I looked ta see where the hose stopped so I wouldnt get caught by surprise.
The problem I have outside is that Marley gets rather over-ecited and decides I am prey.  He CHASES me almost everytime.  So I end up on the top of the fence.  Then theres no where ta go but over.  TBT gets upset with both Marley (fer chasin me) and ME (fer goin over the fence).  But Im good about coming back these days after only a few minnits!  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mancat Monday

MARLEY: Ive been gettin out more and more lately.  Iza is usally out with me (Ayla tends to stay inside or just stay up on the deck) and TBT.  Ive been gettin really coorious about the other side of this big fence. 

I can SEE stuff on the other side but I cant fit through the gaps.
And that looks pretty high even with this old carpet ta stand on.  Ayla can get up though...
 Oh well, I guess I'll think more about the fence later.  There is plenty ta see inside the yard.
Iza hangs around me. (I think she is sposed ta watch me in case I try ta get out of the yard).
There are mousie holes all OVER the place, but are never out when I am.
I love sniffin into brushy places where it is good ta lay down and nap or hide fer an ambush!
But its time ta go in now.  TBT is shakin the treat jar...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Lovely Camping Date

IZA:  I had SUCH a lovely camping date with Sweet Spittikins!  We caught voles (and Spitty cooked them purrfectly), he joined in Hide and Seek with Marley, Ayla and me, and we had a precious night of napping in the tent together.  He only flinched ONCE when he heard an owl hooting across the street (which is pretty good fer a city King).

Um, Spittikins, you DO know that "what happens in the tent, STAYS in the tent" right?  No "story fer another time" OK?

TBT made me a poster ta hang over my favrit nappin spot:
But I'll probly remember the daisies and the image of him fussing over the vole filets most.  The KING, on his paws, turning the filets and tossing Nip leaves on them.  The light from the charcaol reflecting off his handsome furs...  The glow in his eyes...  The OH!  sorry, I got a bit carried away there.

Annyway, the message I struggled with in my poor French and left as a comment on his blog SHOULD have read:

"It was indeed a Camp of Lovely Snuggles sweet Spittikins.  I never napped better than with your royal head on my tummy.  The daisies were beautiful and I will cherish them until Marley has eaten the last petal!

I was so happy you liked my camping gear.  It is from REI; only the best for a KING!  But I was impressed at how well you cooked the vole filets on the charcoal starter.  It was very resourceful and you have a real talent for outdoors cooking!  And it made my tummy more full and padded (wink, wink).

You did really well at the Hide and Seek game.  Marley has decided you are “OK”, and that is pretty good words from a brother to his sister’s boyfriend!

Hoping we can have further adventures and dates...

Iza Lovey"

Saturday, September 22, 2012


IZA:  TBT decided he wanted ta take some "glamour" shots of us.  None of us knew how ta get into glam poses, but we tried.

Well, THEY tried.  I saw their attempts and decided ta not even pawticipate...  I mean, obviously, we need a better photographer!

Pee Ess:  Happy first day of Fall!

Friday, September 21, 2012


That's Iza's bowl.  She tends to nose into the others' bowls sometimes.  It's pretty rare that anycat can nose into HER bowl. 
Marley can, if he wants too.
And Iza is staring in disbelief; she DOESN'T like it...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Garden Tour

IZA:   Hi, and welcome to our Garden Tour.

Its almost Fall, and the cooler weather is bringing out good colors on our flowers!

The Autumn Joy Sedum is slowly turning red.
The Wave Petunias never spread very much, but the flowers getting more numerous.
The Forget-Me-Nots are pretty.  Small flowers, but a very nice bloo color.
The Asters are beginning ta bloom too.  There are lots of these pretty pink ones.
And the Stella D'Oro is reblooming again.  It stopped during the worst of the hots.
I like these fancy marigolds.  They been bloomin all year, but the flowers look best now.
This is our stripey grass plant.  No flowers, but the blades are innerestin.
Now lets sit unner the shade.  Marley an TBT put out some snacks.  We have some poached chick-hen, some ham, and some Niptinis (or milk).  TBT put out a carrot as a joke, but I made him take that away...