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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Lori Womancat Wensday

 Hi, Lori here.  Learning ta paw type Bein.  Marley been helin...helpin lots.  No good yet much, TBT heps too.

Marley say I should start talkin mesesself  some.

I like eatin with Marley and Laz.  I still get me kitten fuds but it good to eat with them.  Familky feel...  Like with Mom an brofur in old home.

TBT take lot of new pics of us/me.

Laz says ta be careful about my bowl cuz Marley eats everything.
Not so with me.  He tried an I whapped him.  I LIKE my food an eat lot.
TBT helps too.
But Marley is OK fer now.
He dosnt eat MINE...
Well, it IS kitten food.  Maybe that isnt  what he likes.

I am lovin the good food here.  Most of it is creamy and the rest is fishie.  I dint have fishie befor, but I goobled it right up.  Diffrent but tasty.  New taste good.