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Friday, June 24, 2022

I will be offline for the immediate future. 


LORI:  I've been fascinated with some buzzy bugs that fly around the deck.   They are kinna fast and they dont pay much attention to me, so I wanted ta catch one.  I finally got one unner my paw to examine it.  I wish I hadn't!


And it hurt.  I shook my paw a lot, but the ouchie wouldn't stop.  I hadda limp around for a while.  I dont think I wanna catch one of THOSE again.

TBT:  Lori likes to chase bugs.  I've noticed her trying to catch wasps recently.  I can't stop her from trying, but I've been watching carefully.  If she gets stung, it's part of her outdoor learning experience.  I expected she would get stung eventually.

But "where" matters.  In the body it hurts but "just hurts".  If she ate one and was stung, I have the emergency pet hospital number on the fridge, and would rush her to it.

She trapped one under her paw while I was watching her and I ran out immediately.  She yelled, jumped and poofed, and ran for the door as I was opening it.  She was shaking a front paw vigorously (can't recall which as I was upset) and went 3-legged for about 20 minutes.  I tried to grab her to see if it was a bee-stinger that need removal but she would have none of that attention; feeling "hurty".  

Don't expect to see any pics from all that confusion and uncertainty! 

I did force attention to her paws, and found no bee-stinger.  Actually, by that time, she was walking around normally again.  Cats are tough!

I think she got "tipped" by a wasp.  I say "tipped" meaning a "just barely" sting.  I've experienced that a few times myself.  Not full sting, just an "almost" one that half gets you and little venom.  Like if you brush them off almost as fast as they sting.

Needless to say, I watched Lori for a couple hours until I was sure she wasn't going to have any problems.

I bet she doesn't bother any wasps for a while...  

Monday, June 20, 2022

The Mews Monday

We were very nice to Dad yesterday.  Lori played with the TurboTrak, 

Laz sat on his lap, and Marley and Laz wrassled close to him.  Ayla came out from the bedroom a few times (but wasn't quite confident enough to go out on the deck - Laz and Lori were lounging out there).  But she did lie down next to him that night and he enjoyed that.

We helped him cook chicken outside by staying out of the way (seriously, we don't cook and he worries about us near the hot box).  

We chased an introoder cat out of the yard.  Well, Marley and Laz did.  I (Lori) am too inexperienced for that, but I came to the deck all tail-poofed so Dad would know there was an "issue" outside.  He went out, but Marley and Laz had the indrooder fleeing over the fence by then.

We all got treats for that.

Laz caught another mousie and gifted it to Dad.  And he let me claim it was part of my gift too.  He is a good Brofur.  He catches about one a day (that we see, and maybe more).  

Marley sat on Dad's lap to warm him.  

Dad had a good day and that's what Father's Day is all about.  None of us ever met our actual Dads, so he's our real Dad in all impawtant ways.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Cat-Dads out there and to all the Bein Dads as well!

Friday, June 17, 2022

Ayla's 15th Birfday

 AYLA:  I turn 15 today.  So it is time we had a REAL PAWTY!  I insisted we do it "right".

There will be foods.

There will be games.




There will be toys.

There are the cat trees.

There will be outside for cats that are used to it.

Or the deck for moderate "outside"...

TBT will be tossing treats around randomly.  

There are many clean litterboxes.

And home-grown fresh NIP!

So don't miss the pawty...

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Thankful Thursday

LORI:   I was in a nice house as a young kitten.  No complaints at all.  But I am thankful to be here now.  Laz is my BFF.  Marley is friendly all the time (of course).  I am OK with Ayla, but she and Laz have "issues" so she is hard to approach.

I love TBT!  I follow him around (when not nappin with Laz).  He always has a treat in his pocket, but I would follow him around anyway.  He tosses springs (my favorite toy) and lately, he has been getting me interested in rattley mousies.  The sound of them is really innerestin.

But I love The Lap best...

We sleep together, too.  I like "unner the covers".  He doesn't like that I hold onto him with my claws slightly out and I am trying to get better about that.

Momma and the Lady I started with told me I was going to live with a good Bein someday, and so far, they are right.  Laz tells me things can be bad at some homes (like for him his first few years) but thinks we are both in a good place now for our whole lives.

I am thankful for this home.  I am thankful for TBT.  I am thankful for Marley.  I am very thankful for Laz.  TBT tells me he hasn't seen such closeness since Skeeter and LC and they are legends here from long ago.

And, BTW, it is Ayla's 15th birthday tomorrow.  We will be throwing a party for her.  I don't really know what that involves, but TBT, Marley, and Laz say I will be surprised at it all.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Twofur Tuesday

LORI:  Even when we arent napping together, we still stay close.  And it is balanced.  Sometimes I an somewhere and Laz joins me.  Sometimes he is somewhere and I join him.

TBT saw us together and took pictures.  He doesn't know who joined who, and of course we never tell him those things.  Wondering keeps him on his paws toes!

TBT had a bad day yesserday with the electrics.  TV, phone, computer.  He posted about it on his own blog.  We are glad we dont have ta mess with stuff like that.  We got our regular meals and plenty of "out" time, so we were just fine with it all.

Bein life seems complicated...


Monday, June 13, 2022

Mancat Monday

 MARLEY:  I love nappin.  And I love the otto man.  Well, it is near TBT when he watches the TV.  And it is just the right size fer me.  A lot of places the smaller Mews like don't fit me well.

And, if I want, I can just hop up onto TBTs lap from there.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Easy Like Sunday

Laz loves to wrassle.  He does it gently with both Marley and Lori.  Here are Laz and Marley Bro-wrasslin...

To them, it is an Easy Like Sunday...  MOL! 

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Caturday Saturday

TBT:  Oops - We took a day off, and it turned into a week!  It wasn't deliberate; we just  skipped a day at a time for various reasons.  Great weather, lots of yardwork and housework to catch up on, doing a lot of cooking, good TV, etc.  By the time we wanted to post, we just wanted to go to bed...  But I finally got enough done to be able to sit down at the computer again.

But we did get questions from the Caturday Saturday post last week, so here are answers!

1.  Zoolatry asked (and then said not to answer) "Who is your favorite cat". But I can answer...  All of them in their own way of course.  No one cat is the same as the others and each have special points.

But The Mews each want to make their case as "favorite", so I will indulge them...

AYLA:  I'm his favorite.  I'm the eldest.  I'm his first (and only) full Siamese.  I'm his Princess.

MARLEY:  Well, I'm not all that competitive about who TBT likes best, but I secretly know I'm his favorite because I am so easy-going.  I'm his "Big Buddy", and that has to matter.  And I eat anything in my bowl.

LAZ:  I know I am his favorite because he spent so much time helping me adjust to a new home and other cats when I was shaking, scared and uncertain.  He spent hours talking to me calmly when I first arrived.  He helped me get over attacking Ayla, explaining that I didn't have to protect my position in the house all the time.  One day I caught on to that.  And he admires my bloo eyes and buff chest with the rest of me grey tabby.

LORI:  I know I'M his favorite because I am utterly cute and maturing into "beautiful".  And because I follow him everywhere.  OK, I know I was sort of a replacement for Iza who left for The Bridge too soon, but I'm different in some ways and he likes THAT too.  And like Marley, I eat anything.  And I sleep with him.

2.  Meezer's Mews mentioned they can't comment (but did this time).  We have learned that the ability to comment at specific blogs comes and goes.  Some blogs we have commented on for years suddenly doesn't work, others do after not working, and we don't know why.  TBT sometimes thinks that Google, AOL, and Feedly just randomly change the way things work for reasons of their own.  

3.  Pilch92 asked if TBT would get more blood tests for Lori.  Lori has "clumping blood platelets".  The Vet's onsite equipment couldn't detect that and the apparent (but inaccurate) results made it seem to risky to do her spay operation.  It took an outside lab with better equipment and experience to find the problem.

Lori had all the platelets she needed.  The clumping is not actually a problem.  So, unless an operational problem arises where it makes a difference, there won't be further tests.  And a positive shout-out to the Vet:  They  didn't charge me for the outside lab work...  The Vet said she needed to understand the problem herself for professional reasons.

4.  Mickey's Musings asked which cat sleeps closest to the pillow.  It has varied over time.  In the older days, Skeeter used to sleep under the covers every night (LC never did).  In the current generation, Ayla was under the covers most nights.  Iza slept under draped over my hip.  Marley is sometimes an under the covers cat, but not in direct contact.  Laz used to get under the covers, but only when I lifted a knee and made a slight tent.  

Lori is the undercover-at-the-pillow cat these days.  She not only likes to be under the covers but she pushes her head right up to the pillow.  And my nose.  It is actually a bit awkward though.  I am suddenly breathing in her outbreaths and not getting enough oxygen.  So I wake up suddenly lacking breath.  I have been encouraging her to settle a bit further down.  Lately, she is accepting being moved a bit lower.  She seems happy being against me anywhere, but she prefers (other than my nose) my hip or the crook of my knees.  She also has a very loud purr, so a bit further away (still cuddled against me) helps.


We loved answering the questions.  Feel free to ask anything anytime.

And a "Sleepy-Lori" pic...

Friday, June 10, 2022

Flashback Friday

This week in 2012, everycat was getting along pretty well.  

Ayla and Iza could sit calmly next to each other.  You can see why Iza was originally thought to be a Siamese but with "weak smudgy colors*".  But look at the size difference!

Ayla and Marley got along great.  Well, everycat gets along with Marley.

Iza wasn't much for kittypiles, but she was happy with "near".
More Ayla/Marley...

And Iza "near".

Iza was a "more than usual dedicated groomer".  
I don't know if Iza groomed so dedicatedly because she knew she had minky furs, or had minky furs because she groomed so much...

*  The Siamese breeder bought Iza from a 3rd party, but decided her colors were not "perfect" to be a Siamese Queen.  Well, she may have kicked herself later, as Tonkinese go for more $ than Siamese.  And Iza was big and healthy enough to have had many litters of Tonkies.  So she actually sold her to me a "bit" cheap, LOL!  And BTW, I got Ayla a "bit" cheap because she was judged too small to be a Queen.   

I get SO lucky sometimes...