Saturday, December 31, 2022

Caturday Saturday

LAZ:   Lori and I went fence-walking.  TBT has sometimes seen one or the other of us doing it...

But never both together!

Its the evil skwerls.  They are chasin each other around the trees (trying to make little skwerls) and they are a bit distracted.  We are hoping ta surprize one!

Friday, December 30, 2022

The End Of Year Review

I thought we should look at favorite pictures you all enjoyed most.

This is a good one from years past...

Every picture with Laz and Lori napping together was good.  

But this is a year in review, so:

Little Lori eats with the Mancats...

Ayla reflects on herself...

Lori goes out:  Note the puffy tail...

Me and Lori:

3 Mews close:

Ayla outside:


Ayla eating:

3 Mews with laundry:  


Marley Tocks:

Marley Catches A Vishus Deer:

Lori Discovers Toilet Paper:

Beautiful Lori:


Thursday, December 29, 2022

Thankful Thursday

 I am sometimes deliriously happy about The Mews,  They sleep around me at night and want my attention in the daytime.  I have to seek out Ayla; she is having her elder problems but loves when I find her in her few favorite spots and talk to her for a while.

But some pics are just too special.  Lori and Laz often curl up together and Marlety is on the bed but not close.  Last night was different.

They were actually touching while napping!  That isn't like Marley to do that!  But he did.

Close...  He knew they were there.

Warm laundry is magical.

And the L's seemed happy about it.

They did get separated eventually...

But closer together than I have seen before.

It was a nice thing to see while it lasted.

I think I will run a few cheap towels through the drier again to see if they get closer on a smaller warm pile..

Monday, December 26, 2022

Replies To Comments

AYLA:  OK, I'll take over for this.  I have more experience...  And I don't post all that often, so it is a good opportunity...

The Lone Star Cats:  "I'd stay in where it's warm - I got no interest in being out in da cold!"  

I agree, it got down to 8F last night which is really cold fer a domestic furry.  TBT brushes our furs often an that means less of it.  Less furs means colder.  He let Laz and Lori sniff the air through a crack in the door and they backed off.  Marley could tell it was too cold just by a nose on the door.  I didn't even consider it...  These old bones can't deal with 20, never mind 8.

Zoolatry:  "Mmm, well now, your Daddy was a once upon a time New Englander, so he could get you some "galoshes hip-waders", a big bright yellow raincoat (heavy sweater underneath) ... a rain bonnet, tied underneath your cute chinny-chin chin of course ...

TBT would wear sensible stuff like that, but we won't even wear collars.  You should see the heavy stuff he wears just to go get the mail and fill the birdy-feeders!  Iffen it had been daytime, he might have let Laz out.  Because Laz has enough sense to run back inside when the wheathers are bad.  Lori runs seeking shelter.  Bad idea.

Mickey's Musings:  "We had rain yesterday too and some wild wind!

I did not want to d=go out in that!
I suspect that you would not like rain on your furs either!"

Lori allows some rain.  But cold rain gets tiresome fast.  So TBT kept her inside.

Megan:  "Is that some mistletoe you're sitting under Lori?"  No, but it it served well enough.  Laz grooms me often.  And I vicy versa-like to do too.

Cathy Keisha:  "Who's that reflection cat I see outside? Is it getting wet?

Probably not.  TBT was confusured about that picture too, but he thought he saw a cat behind the reflection and almost went to see if he could put a foodbowl out the door.  But I told him it wasn't really there.  I see things better than he does sometimes.

Zoolatry:  "Merry Christmas, Mark ... (that has to be an art rendering of Lori ...)"

The cat decorating a Chrissymouse Tree with mousies came from a card we received many years ago.  TBT just had to keep the image, of course.  However, it is the inspiration of our own Mews Tree.

TBT bought a new bag of rattley mice an we gathered around to paw at the places he should put them.  It was a wunnerful decorating experience.  I personally didn't get involved when Laz was there, but I suggested some places after the other Mews left for 2nd Dinner!

Megan:  "Oooh ah - dead mousies on the tree. Did TBT do that at your house?"

We have vague ideas about "dead mousies".  We think they just get tired of playing.  But see above about mousie-decorations.


Now, about our Chrissiemouse Day gifts:  We got more cards than we expected (not on the card list this year).  We thank one and all for email and snail mail cards.  They were set up on the table

They will be attached to the inside of the front door soon so we can see them when we walk to the stairs to the litterboxes.  But for today, they take over the dining table in thanks...

We have so much stuff (toys, treats, etc) that we dared not ask for more this year.  Sandy Claws might have asked why we wanted more.  So we didn't.  We'll save that for next year maybe.  MOL!

But our Auntie Susie sent us some treats anyway.  We are gonna get FAT trying to eat all the goodies!

We will hope all of you had a great Chrissymouse Day, got things you wanted, and had Special Treats on the Special Day.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Caturday Saturday

LORI:  I wish I could go out!

 TBT:  No Lori, it is dark and it is raining.  And very cold.

Lori: Yeah, but I still wish I could go out!

Friday, December 23, 2022

Friday Flashback

 Today, we revisit this week 2012...

We got our Secret Santa gift and it was great!  Dang pretty, too...

Iza went inta full RIP!

Ayla was choosier.  She smelled the Nip,

She guarded those like a dragon!

Iza was happier with quantity.  

And surronded with the gifty stuff, looked fer more.

Silly dear girl was surrounded by them...

She chose a weird green fuzzy thing for herself. Played with it for DAYS and YEARS!

Today, we still have those, mostly.  But the green ball was so much Iza's favorite, it is with her today, if you understand...

Not that that she had crossed The Bridge then, but when she did, the green ball went with her...

Sorry for the time warp.  I just miss her so much sometimes...

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Thankful Thursday

LORI:  I am thankful TBT put the turbotrak back the original tight figure 8 way.  

It turned out that putting 2 sets together 

made it too big fer fast whapping an I was getting tired running all around.  I get plenty of exercise running through the house with Laz! 

Plus, now I have 2 small ones in different rooms.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Mancat Monday

 MARLEY:   Cushy, softy chair.  In the quiet computer room after TBT goes to bed.  Great place to sleep...

In the early morning, while TBT is (always) still in bed (an it is fine with ME if Laz and Lori are sleeping there too), I take a corner of the bed.   Less waterbeddery movement there. 

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Easy Like Sunday

LAZ AND LORI:  We are loving our new softie blankie bed!  It makes a great Easy...

TBT changed the blankies recently.  It's a static thing.  He switches from a light Summer polyester blankie to a heavier full cotton one about now. He is a regular static generator, so that helps him a lot!  And we appeciate the blanket change.  He used to statically-shock us often while stroking us.  

But the old one doesn't bother us just sitting on the floor so we are enjoyin nappin there.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Caturday Saturday

Wrassling:  Its not an equal contest.  Marley is much bigger than me.  But he is careful and I start it for fun.

He plays along.  He could probably kill me if he wanted to.  He is twice my weight and you should see his claws!  

He waits fer me to start again.  I am learning a lot of good moves!  I have to be more "defensive" with him.  Seriously attacking Marley is sort of hopeless.  

 The really good news is that he tolerates my bunny-kicking.  In fact, TBT finds more little scabbies ta pick of him than me.  Marley is careful not to hurt me...

Friday, December 16, 2022

Flashback Friday

This week in 2010, Iza was really enjoying the cat trees!

Sometimes, she used it as a perch to look out into the front yard, which was foreign territory to her.

Or to look at me at eye level, which seldom happened.

It was good for watching the other Mews, too.

Or just resting.

She could get up near the ceiling, but it took some work, one platform at a time.

Getting back down took some work, too.  Sometimes she wasn't altogether sure how to do it.

 Ayla enjoyed the trees then too.  But for her, getting up and down was easy.