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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Thanks fer comin to my garden tour today!  We can tell Fall is comin.  Its not only cool outside, but some of the plants are statin ta fade back inna the ground.

The butterflys have mostly left.  This one has stuck around.  Maybe it doesnt migrate.
The annual flowers are hangin around too.  I guess they know they wont come back next year, so they will keep bloomin right up ta The End!  Like this marigold...
This is a marigold too even though they both look differnt.
But the signs are here.  This hosta is startin ta lose it leafs.
And the goldenrod stopped bloomin.
The waterlilies are starting ta turn yellow.
We'll miss them all...

But fer now we have treats on the warm patio.  After ya get done rollin around, Ayla has put out roast chick-hen, Milk of Nip, and salmon-flavor crunchies!