Thursday, January 27, 2011

About Marley

IZA:  OK, I wasnt sure about this new boycat at first, but we are gettin along pretty good.  He is playful like me!  Ayla isnt so happy about him, but thats HER problem.

Me, I like him.  We have tried out wrasslin.  He isnt anny good at it, but he'll learn.  He taps me on the side or back sometimes.  He isnt big enuf yet ta make a fair game of it.  TBT says "maybe a year".  But he is cute an he tries.  I could use some competition.  Ayla is just too small.  And he DID pounce me from the ottoman yesserday, so hes got potential.

I love the way he plays wif toys a lot like I do, an we did bat a ball back an forth a bit today.  The new kid is a "comer".  I'll know more over the next few weeks.

And I am happy to report that Ayla didn't hiss at him a single time today!

THE BIG THING:  I don't know a lot about Marley's past, and I probably never will know the details.  I know that he grew up in a shelter and seems to have gotten good vet treatment.  He seems to have been born about August 16th and first received shelter vet care in October.  He was adopted out about Christmas Day as a gift at a PetsMart.

My own vet gave him a A+ on his physical condition.  He's been neutered.  He has had only dry food all his life, but is adjusting to our premium canned foods both well (digestically) and enthusiastically.  I've been giving him the poultry stuff Ayla and Iza love, but I have fishie flavors left over from LC's days and I will start trying him on those next week.  If he likes them, he will get more.  If not, we will stick to poultry flavors and the other cans will go to a shelter.

He went from the shelter to a very nice and loving lady here in my small town.  He was her first cat and she discovered (sadly) that she was VERY allergic.  So she sought a better home for him.  There were 2 interested parties for adopting him.  I'm sure the other one would have been good too, but I convinced her I was the better place.  I AM persuasive...  ;)

He is named after Bob Marley, a musician.  I don't know him well, but I know "of" him.  But it's a nice name regardless.  I might change it after some discussions with him, but probably not.  "Marley" sounds cool.  And there are good possiblities with the name.  "Gnarly-Marley".  Or if eating cat grass. "Barley-Marley",  Or if riding a motorcycle, "Harley-Marley".  LOL!    Ok, I'm lame with names...

Good thing, too.  Ayla and Iza got their names from the book 'Clan of the Cave Bear'.  The male names sound too weird.  "Creb".  "Brun".  "Durc".  Time to find better names.  I think "Marley" is a good one.

Sorry I couldn't get any pictures that applied to the post.  I used up all the vet pictures yesterday.  Some tomorrow on the cat tree...

REMINDER!  Hugo The Traveling Hippo needs a new place to visit. 
He comes with a note/photo book, souvenir pouch to add too, and toys and treats for the hosts...  Contact us if you are interested in having Hugo visit you.  He is a great visitor and converses well with both kitties and Beins!

Two Things

THE BIG THING:  Busy, Busy...

First, yes many of you were correct.  Marley had his first visit to our regular vet.  I wanted to make sure no appropriate shots were missed, I wanted my vet to give him a good looking-over, and I wanted to get his previous medical records recorded.

I tried to take pictures of Ayla and Iza's vet visit last year, but (spookily) the camera recorded no pictures.  This time they came out!

Now, Marley isn't ready to start posting himself (Iza has taken him under paw and is teaching him this stuff as best she can but it will take some time).  Fortunately, I was there at the vet and can help.  So I will speak for Marley...

I got put in the PTU and droven off to a vet.  I've seen them before...
Beins just walk and talk around ya like ya really arent there...
 I got pulled out of the PTU (TBT did it, and gently).  He grabbed my back haunches together and slid me right out.  That was actually nice.  I've been pulled out worse.

The table was COLD and TBT made me stay on it.  I squirmed my best, but I couldnt get off.  For a Being with only 2 arms, he seems like an octopus!  I was REALLY unhappy...
Then they took me away to a room.  They shoved something up spot #13!  And they stole some blood.  Undoubtably for bad reasons. 

Then Dr Jeffrey came out and held me.  He is very nice and I calmed down a bit. He told me he hadda do some things I wouldnt like, but that they were good for me to have a long healthy life.  I dint like those things, but a "long healthy life" sounds like a good deal!
He asked fer a better picture with me.  He cares...
Here Dr Jeffrey is listenin ta my heart.  It was werkin good.  But I'm keepin my tail end covered.  I dont wanna another probe up my butt!
 The assistin lady had a hard time keepin me on the table...
But he brought me HOME.  I was worried about that, like, ya know, mebbe I had failed a test at the vet place.  Apparently, I passed all the tests with flying colors.  No fleas, no mites, not worms, and Im vaccinated against everything but asteroids!  I go back in 2 weeks for some other shot (BAST), but TBT says I'm safe fer a whole YEAR after that.  A year is almost FOREVER!  YAY!

I turn it back over to TBT:

THE BIG THING:  Second, Hugo the Hippo says he has had a great time visitin here and marveled at the entry of a new kitty, but it is time to plan his next journey.  Any interested hosts, please contact us.  Our email is in the banner, or leave a comment.  There is cool stuff that travels with Hugo.  Souvenirs about where he has visited.  A notebook of letters and photos.  Some guidelines about his visit.  Toys.  Treats.