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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Thankful Thursday

IZA: Well, first, I gotta say that a WHOLE DAY AND NIGHT without eating was really harsh fer me.  Oh, Ayla probly wouldnt mind much; she only eats as much as she HAS to.  But eating is a major part of my life.

I spent a lot of time evening yesserday sittin in the box. 
There wasnt much else ta do.  I wasnt feelin too friendly toward TBT since he wouldnt give me anny food (I mean, he wouldnt even let me lick his plate, an it was STEAK juice)!
I even roared in frustration a few times.
 Stared at TBT a few times.  But he is pretty hard ta guilt...
 Hid from the world, an tried ta ignore my rumbly tummy...
I couldnt wait fer the day ta end!
So I slept all night and was thrilled when TBT got up EARLY!  Except he was up fer a repairperson (our heat pump is actin funny) and didnt want ta feed me when we were all stressed by a stranger being in the house.  But the stranger was only here an hour.

FINALLY...  FOOD!!!  Hurray, Joy, Happiness.  Wait, 1 spoonful???  He said he wanted to get me started slow.  Well, I got 1 spoonful every hour since.  It adds up...  He has me on minced chicken and apparently it is going to be minced chicken and minced turkey fer me fer a while.  He says he is checking ta see iffen the fishie stuff was bothering me and if the cubed stuff was too.

Thats OK, I like chicken and turkey, and since I dont chew annything annyway, I dont care iffen its is all minced.  As long as it is FOOD!

Thank you all fer purrin for me.  I KNOW that helped me get through the foodless day and night.  And so far, Im keeping evrything down.