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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Womancat Wensday

IZA:  I got 2 things ta post today!  First, TBT was inna rush to get some errands done, so he grabbed a slice of leftover pizza fer lunch.  He didn't eat the crust (he usually does) and left the 6" of crust in a little bowl he tosses kitchen scraps in fer the compost pile.  And then left fast (after feeding us).

Well, when he got back, there was a 1/2" of crust on the floor.  He dint have to ask who ate it, because Im the only bread-eater-cat here.  I have even eaten all the crust off his homemade bread before a coulke times, so he has learned to hide that.  And I even gnawed a corn cob once.

He searched all around the house trying to find where I throwed it up, but he couldnt cuz I didnt.  And there I was begging for more food. 

Which kinna surprized him.  Well, there wasnt anny meat on it or even cheese, so I wanted some MEAT.  So he opened a can of tuna.  THAT hit the spot.  Ive been hungry lately.

Its not that I havent been getting plenty of food, but I think my "natural" weight is 10.5-11 pounds and TBT thinks it should be 9.5.  But Im at 10 pounds now.  HE says I just like to eat!  *I* say I just enjoy being plump!