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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

IZA AND MARLEY:  Well, we're ready fer Easy Like Sunday, but we are waiting fer Ayla ta arrive.  We cant figure out where she could be.
We guess she'll show up eventually, but we wish she would hurry so we can all go nappin off together...
AYLA:  Silly kitties, mebbe I should tell them its Saturday.  Nah...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well, its tulip time here!  Most of the early daffodils have faded and the late ones are just about to bloom.  So the few remaining tulips are the show for today.  First, a quick look at the pansies.  They are finally bloomin better after sittin and sulkin all Winter!

Now on to the tulips.  Last week, all these flowers were just buds.  They have opened very nicely now.  This spot near the deck is one of the few places they seem ta like.
These 2 are the last of a few dozen planted 10 years ago.  Why they hang on when all the other died after only a couple years is a mystery.  The small purple stuff around them is grape hyacinth.  They do OK and even spread.  But they dont bloom as thickly as they did years ago. 
Here those 2 tulips are close up.  Its OK fer us ta walk through the grape hyacinths today - no bees.
These are 2 differnt tulips.  They are also the only survivors of a few dozen from years ago.
These 2 are funny.  TBT says he dint plant them in that tub (cuz he grows potatoes in the tubs).  It must have been the evil skwerls.  Or mebbe they were grown in pots an TBT dumped the soil in the tub, fergettin about them.  Annyway, TBT will take the bulbs out later and plant them with their friends (the ones just above).
Well, Ayla says there are some treats in the house.  An we gotta surprise today.  TBT ordered some Cat Sitter DVDs and they arrived taday.  He is leaving one on endless loop this evening iffen ya want ta see it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tummy Tuesday

IZA:  Im just loungin on the Otto Man today hopin fer a little tummy rub.

Can you help me out?
Pretty please?

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Favrit High Spot

AYLA:  I think I'll be spending a lot of today up on my high nappin spot.  Its pretty nice up here.  Iza cant get to it, an Marley only gets up here when there is food (sometimes I get ta have dinner up here).

I like it because it has the pretty (and soft) towels, but also cuz it is right at TBT's eye level and it is easier ta talk to him that way.
And since it appears that he will be spending time in here (he is sorting out laundry and taking some boxes out of the closet), I will get lots of scritches and have both talkin time and nappin time!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Well, since I hadda show Iza enjoyin the dresser drawer yesserday, I still get ta post. 
We werent quite nappin this morning.
 Ya can see we are movin around a bit.
Sometimes it takes a while
Ta settle down proper
After a good breakfast...  Yeah, Marley was zonked out from the start.  He doesnt need much time ta get into a good nap...  We envy him how he does that fallin asleep in 10 seconds thing.  Takes us 2 minutes sometimes.  But even then, his tail hadda move around a bit ta get settled.  Did ya notice his tail movin around in the early pictures?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Caturday Pics

AYLA:  I hate it when Iza gets ta do somethin special.  But it was my turn ta post and these were what I got ta use.
TBT unnerwear drawer was open!
An Iza jumped right in before I could.
Lotsa soft stuff there.
 And she seemed SO HAPPY.
It was open cuz he was doing the "laundry".
I should really get ta bite her butt fer that.  Mebbe I'll get a turn later...  But I still wanna bite her butt.  HARD.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Usual Night Spot

IZA:  This is my usual spot at night.  I like the corner cuz the waterbed moves a lot when TBT changes sleepin positions and it doesnt move much in the corner.
Then at dawn, I go tap TBT on the ear until he lets me unner the blankie.  Its warmer there...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to my garden tour!   Things look about the same as last week, but changes are coming.  The daffodils are about at their peak.
Both in the back yard...
And in the front.  But there are some later daffodils in front that havent even started ta open.
 Tulips dont live long around here, but this seems ta be a spot they like!  See all the buds?

Hyacinths dont last long here either.  They get real skimpy after a couple of years.  But they like THIS spot and stay full.
This a peach tree.  It doesnt grow any peaches though.  TBT says its because this is a shoot from the grafted rootstock and not the grafted fruiting top part.
The saucer magnolia is losing its flowers.  The pink carpet on the lawn looks nice fer a while longer, though.

The stargazer lilies are coming up.  They sure have multiplied!  TBT better dump them all out and replant only a few of them back in the container!  The rest can go in other containers.

The funny little pansies are still going strong.  They were planted in Fall 2010!  We are wonderin if they will just keep growing all this year too.
Well, we got treats inside.  For a special treat though, we are gonna visit the big waterbed.  Its good fer bouncin, wrasslin, OR nappin!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Smalley In The Hedge

We are embarrassed that we missed showing this at the right time this year.  It should have been March 16th, but we missed it... We are correcting that.

We rewrote a sad story of Smalley in 2009 about a kitty in Singapore. It seems that Singapore does not want cats kept in public homes, nor do they want cats kept out of homes.  We are repeating it here and will try to remember to do this every year.  The story saddens us that much.

Doesn’t that mean no cats anywhere?

The last time Beins were so stupid to try to eliminate cats from their lives, they suffered the terrible Bubonic Plague. Stupid Beins killed most of the cats, there were no cats to kill the rats that carried the fleas that carried the Plague, and up to a third of all Beins in Europe died as a result.

So Singapore wants to kill all the cats. Those who don’t know history suffer the repetition of it…

So we want to restate the story of Smalley as a warning of how cat-hate starts, knowing that you now know the consequences of that hate…

Our version:

“A borned kitty named Smalley opens her eyes after a few days. She senses love as her mother licks her with a warm wet tongue and cuddles her from the cold and rain. She was the only one of the litter that survived. They live in a natural shelter of a tall wide hedge. It protects them from the hardest rain, but they are never completely dry in those rains.

But they have each other, and that is important. Smalley feels love from the Momma; Momma feels love from Smalley. They are content to survive in the hedge; two against the world.

An old Bein walks past the hedge one day and discovers the Momma and Kitty. He taps his cane as a signal that they come to recognize. He is allowed to scratch them from familiarity and because he gives them foods. The foods are valuable to Momma and Smalley because they have been depending on insects and such.

Momma goes out to hunt for food for Smalley, but one day she does not return. She has been captured as a “pest”. Smalley is starving. She can find no insects to eat in the hedge and she dare not wander out from there.

Two days later, Smalley hears the familiar tap of the Beins cane. She peers out through the hedge. A warm hand reaches in to comfort her, and picks her up. Small foods are offered and gratefully accepted.

Smalley is carried to a wondrous warm and sheltered place with a nice Bein to care for her. It is the best days of her short life and she is so happy, though of course still missin her momma. There is always food, always nice water and always a warm lap. There are even toys… Smalley sleeps deeply for the first time ever and fears not the thunderstorms and cold nights.

The bed is small, but there is room enough for the Bein and Smalley to sleep. It smells a bit, but it is comforting smells.  And there are no fears in Smalley’s young life, life is good…

Then one day, a strange Being comes to the door. He says that all cats are pests and must be removed. He says cats are “not allowed in public housing”. What harm has little Smalley done but sleep quietly and play with the 2 toys the Bein has made of string and paper? She has not made loud sounds or made any messes…

The Nice Being cries, but takes Smalley back outside to the hedge. The Authorities require it. He may not shelter a “pest”.

His tears fall down on Smalley like a shower and he says he will visit every day with food and attention scritches. Smalley cries loudly at bein left alone again in the cold cruel outside. The Nice Bein cries as he walks back to his suddenly empty "public housing".

Smalley spends a terrible few days in the hedge, hiding. She does not know how to catch food, how to shelter from the cold, how to hide from the rain. She is miserable and cries out to her Momma and the Nice Being. The Nice Being does come by every day, but cannot stay long. He leaves food, but it is not enough. The Nice Being doesn’t have much food that a cat can eat that he can leave out that won't attract predators. He feeds food by hand, but dare not leave any behind.

Then one day, the strange Bein finds Smalley in the hedge. He sets up a trap cage. It’s his job, but he also enjoys it. He doesn’t like “pests”.

Smalley senses that the cage is dangerous, but the fishy smell draws her inside. She needs food. Then, suddenly, a door closes behind her and she is trapped. All night she stays in the trap crying for someone to let her out. But the Nice Bein doesn’t come until mid day and the strange Bein arrives at dawn. Smalley is taken away with many other little kitties. They all cry for their Mommas, their Beins or even just other friendly kitties.

They have no hope.

The Nice Bein finds Smalley gone, and weeps.

All the kitties like Smalley were taken away and killed. The ones that found Beins in "public housing" in Singapore were forced back outside and then considered “pests” because they didn’t have homes. The ones that didn’t find homes to begin with were just “pests” too.

Smalley is assuredly dead by now… There is also assuredly a Nice Bein that weeps over the forced eviction of Smalley through no fault of either of them.

The original (better-written) story is HERE. I just wanted to put the story into different terms. Maybe a twice-told story has more impact than a once-told story. But mostly because I was so sad that I needed to tell the story a different way to get the pain out of my heart.

There are so many Smalleys in the world… And so many that shouldn't be Smalleys.

The Big Thing

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tummy Tuesday

IZA:   The sun isnt very bright today, but I can still feel it.
And we just had our mid-afternoon snack, so I think I'll just drift off into Napland fer a while.
I hope Ayla and Marley leave me in peace...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mancat Monday

Its Mancat Monday.  But we are still all Nipped out from St Patty's Day.  On account of I got an Honorable Mention in the contest.  So I got Nip Creams  3 times yesserday.  Yes, I shared.  Its a mancat thing ts do.
Well, OK, the girls aren't quite whacked cuz THEY didnt get that awardie cuz THEY were too embarrassed ta participate.  NOW they wish they did, but its too late...

They are all SO JEALOUS now...

Bet they enter NEXT YEAR!

Oooohhhhh, my achin head........

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:   I still has the sleepies.
 So I am trying the box in the other cat tree today.
Until dinner mebbe...

Sunday, March 18, 2012


We are sudenly likely to get TBT's DAD here soon.  He's OK with us but he is like 90 something.  And he doesn't want to move from Florida ta Maryland.  Any advices?  We dont think he can move around like TBT...  How does TBT convince him ta move here?

Easy Like Sunday

This Easy Like Sunday is all about the warm softy waterbed. 
It can't get softer than water...
So we are lazin around on the bed "A Primo"!  We think that might be European for "it can't get better than this".
Even reversed is comfy.
So we are nappin serious today. 

Are you?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day

MARLEY:  I'm an Irish cat, ye know...  I even have a clan crest.  Really!

We lived right-next-door to the O'Bama Clan peacefully.

Its fer great Grandad to the 30th+ generation back catchin ALL the mice in the castle one year!  And he actally killed THE LAST SNAKE in Ireland in the garden.  It was a little one, but last is last.  Its a little-known fact, but we in the fambly ARE proud of it.

Evry St Patty's Day, we descendents drink a bowl of Nip juice in his memory.  Not that that has ANNYTHING ta do with his hunting prowess, we just love Nip juice...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Birdie Madness

Ooh TBT did a Wicked, WICKED thing yesterday!  He made us think there were birdies IN THE HOUSE!  We went nuts tryin ta find them...

An it was just a music thingie!  We are all really upset, still.

THE BIG THING:  Its my fault.  I saw (online) that the earliest Purple Martins were in the area, so I cleaned out the hanging artificial gourds and searched around for the CDs that have daytime calls and morning calls (to attract new birds).  I have a few portable CD players, but none seemed to work (gee they are ONLY 20 years old).  So I put the daytime CD in the upstairs stereo and let it run for a while.

I SHOULD have realized that the cats would react, but we don't have any of those wildlife CDs or DVDs so it slipped my mind.  Iza attacked the nearest stereo speaker first.  Ayla and Marley ran back an forth between them.  For all her pudginess, Iza has a fierce huntress nature.  I really need to do something to the fence so that I can let them out in the backyard again.

Anyway, the idea is to place a CD boom box outside under the nest gourds to attract new Martins and I was having trouble finding an old portable player that worked.  Its the dust of ages I suppose.  I'll have to buy a new one.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: Well, this is a really lovely time of year here.  The Saucer Magnolias bloomed!  They don't always.  Sometimes late frosts kill the buds.  Their blooms are always a bit "iffy".  But THIS year they were both great!
When they bloom, they are wunnerful!
An TBT says they smell good too.  Not that we notice...

Then there are the daffodils.  There are some that bloom early, some late, and some in between.   We are still seein the early ones.  There are lots of combinations of colors and centers.  The large OLD bed in the back is still doing well after 20 years!
There are newer ones too.  These white ones have lovely small pale yellow trumpets.
An THESE are similar but with  lemon yellow centers...
We like these yelleow daffodillies too.
There are even yellow on yellow ones!
The front box is about at maximum bloom,  but there are also as many white ones coming up ta bloom in a few weeks! We like the way it changes over March thru April.  Wait til ya see it then all differnt-lookin!
The hyacinths are fnally blooming.  They dont last many years though around here.   This spot had 50 planted 3 years ago.  There are only 8 left.  We guess we will have to give up on them.  They ARE pretty but TBT says he wont plant new ones every few years, when the daffodils seem ta last forever...

A few left over here, too.  But they dont bloom like they used to.  I blame the voles for findin the bulbs an eatin them.  TBT says it might be the warmer weather.  Well, I could catch voles, but I can't change the weather.
Hmm, that pale pink flower shows up better in sunlight...
The front yard shows up nice from the street.  A person walkin by said they looked real nice together...
I hafta agree.  I woudn't normally say that pink an yellow look right together, but it werks with flowers I guess.  Mebbe the differnt shapes...
And I GOTTA show the pansies from planted in 2010!  They are STILL bloomin.  TBT wonders if it is just self-seeding or if it is a mutation.  Its probly self-seeding, but it sure is NEAT that they just keep growing in this ONE container...
We gotta SPECIAL treat up on the deck today.  TBT usally buys chick-hen thighs on the bone, but they dint have anny so he got a WHOLE chicken.  WE can have the white meat today!  All cut up in small bits an NO nasty spices on it AT ALL!  AND we got enough NIP leafs that he could blender them with CREAM...    NIP PESTO!