Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Adventure Remembered

IZA:   We are repeatin a post from the past.  Mostly because it is our best scary Halloween story, and partly cuz it was about me (and Spittylovelyfurs).  We hope some of you havnt seen it (being new to the blog since 3 years ago), and that those of you who HAD seen it, fergot most of it.

So we proudly re-present...

IZA:  OMC!  Ayla and Marley spent 2 days out in the garage settin up a "Scarey Halloween Haunted Tunnel" just for Spitty and Me to esperience!  I had NO idea, but they told me to invite my lovey boyfriend Spitty over fer a BIG SURPRISE.

I dint know about the ceiling over the garage.  But Marley did.

They say they got all kinna really scarey stuff in there.  And Spitty is here now, SO HERE WE GO!

It started out easy.  An EVIL SKWERL...

And a (Shudder)  empty food bowl! 
I wasnt sure I wanted to go further, but Spitty said to be brave, so I did my best.  It helped that he was right there by my side...
He is SUCH a manly cat!!!  I feel so SAFE when he is around.

Then we saw terrible things!  A Crazy Cat Lady grabbing cats from ALL over.

And the grim Needle-Vader!
And "It" probes yer nether parts too!

We fell down in horror together!  We CLUNG in fear!
Well, actally, THAT part was good...  Holding tight to Spitty is very nice...


JUST when we thought it was all over...  THE SHOWER!!!

We weren't certain about it, but then it went and MOVED and we got SOAKED!  Oh it was awful...  No place to run an hide!  We ran farther down the ceiling tunnel only to find THIS in our way!

It was a scary undedded Voodoo Woman Zombie!
  and her pet RAT! 
We backed away fast, holding each other tight (Spitty no doubt to protect me), but that sent us straight into a defleshicated cat skeleton,
and a GIANT RAT that must have EATEN it!
We were both about discombuberated by then and I think I fainted on a (convenient) pillow. 
But Spitty, Kingly mancat that he is, stood guard over me until I came back to my senses!

And TOGETHER, we went forward!!!

Only to turn a small corner and see...
Oh crap, and I mean that literally!!!  We both fell apart fer a second and scrabbled fer the exit.  But we found each others paws as we went! 

What?  You thought we were gonna get together an fight THAT?  Just US?  Are you NUTS? Look at that Skwerl blood on its teefs (I HOPE that is just skwerl blood).

We low-tailed it outta there!  Ayla and Marley were laffin their butts off as we ran out.  They asked iffen we liked the funny ghosties and smiley pumpkins they set in there.

"Funny ghosties, smiley pumpkins"?  We said what we saw, an they both went pale.  Spitty backed me up and ya gotta trust SPITTY!  Well, Ayla's choclate ears went grayish, and Marley's pinky paws went white.

When I described bein grabbed by the Zombie lady and Spitty was right there an couldn't even SEE it, Marley and Ayla yelped!

They KNEW something was gone all wrong!

Marley started ta poke his head up into the ceiling tunnel, but a strange hiss in there poofed his tail  bigger than a foot-long pine cone an he backed down REAL quiet...

We figure Ayla and Marley tapped into another dimension.  Some eleventieth dimension beyond that which is known to cat. A dimension as vast as space and timeless as the days between meals when yer lost in a desert!  In the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of cat's fears and the summit of our knowledge.  Somewhere in the ceiling of our garage...  

Come visit it iffen you DARE...

WE wont ever again...

WE plan to just stay curled up UTB tonight and forget about it as best we are able.  

 Iffen YOU go in, dont assume you will come out.  There were pathways in there we DINT take...
Well, dont say we dint warn ya...

Friday, October 30, 2015

Footy Friday

MARLEY:  Sometimes, when Iza gets on TBTs lap first, it can be hard ta find a comfortable spot around her. 
So I ended up laying head-downward...
And holding up one side of my front with a foot!
I stayed there fer longer than TBT expected me to!
Well, after all that werk ta get INTO that position, I wasnt very willing ta leave it too quick.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

National Cat Day

Hurray!  Hurray!
Its National Cat Day!
So we've decided "Hey"
We'll spend the time at Play!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Oh Mousies!

We accidentally posted our Wensday post yesserday (so it was 2 in one day), we we are just gonna post these poor  werdless outtake ones today while TBT takes better ones fer the future...

Oh wait, this IS Werdless Wensday anyway.  So pretend we dint say annything at all.  Not a werd, OK?  We never said annything, right?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Rool 1 is that anything ON the carpet MUST make the carpet softer...  And softer is better of course.

Paper counts...
Rool 2 is that chair cushions are better than carpet...  Even with paper on the carpet,
You doubt?  I dont...

I know every inch of this house...

Tummy Tuesday

I do my best at tummy pics...

Monday, October 26, 2015

Waiting For The Foods...

We all get ecited when we hear/smell the cans opened. 
Marley has an odd response though.  He looks at the wrong kitchen counter.   But I have to admit I look where Marley looks.  He IS dedicated to food.
 Iza knows where ta look though.  At the bowls...  If they arent lifted, we arent gettin anything. 
She might be smarter than she seems...  Im gonna pay more attention to where she looks when it comes to the food bowls...  ~ AYLA

Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Few Days Ago, 2...

AYLA:  I mentioned yesserday that I thought I saw a good new spot fer nappin.  Here it is!
 Its a plant pot that TBT brought inside fer the cold times and put a towel in so we wouldnt think it was a litterbox.
He did that last year too an Marley took it over fer himself.  But Im first in this time so mebbe it will stay mine.  
OK, thats not too likely.  Being the smallest cat in the house does have disadvantages.  But I'll enjoy it when I can.
 I tested out a few directions of curl-ups.  And all of them were good...
Which made me sit up briefly and think...
Surely ONE position is the BEST one.  But which?
 Oh, whichever one Im in I spose...
Theoretically, TBT will take the pot back outside, dump the dirt out, and pick out the bulbs to save more easily an put the dirt back in so he can just leave the pot outside.  But he said that LAST year and it never happened...

So Marley an I will probly just enjoy this pot all Winter (Iza doesnt like it).

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Few Days Ago...

AYLA:  We are a bit behind with the pictures this week.  So, here a few evenings ago we were all gathered around TBT ta get some after-dinner attention.
Marley an Iza had his lap pretty much used up.  Iza looked completely asleep an Marley said he wasnt planning ta get up soon.
I dont like drapin over TBTs ankles (too bony) so I decided ta find another spot to curl up.
Hmmm, theres a promising looking spot...
But I made sure ta give Marley a quick kissie before I left.
Where did I see a good new spot?  Check in tomorrow...

Friday, October 23, 2015

Feline Friday Poll

OK, we are feeling odd about this.  It is the poll we set up last Monday but deleted.  We thought we insulted Megan (a great friend of all us cats) but we were wrong.  She was happy.  We thought "chuffed" was a bad werd.  We should have asked TBT ta tell us about it...

So we are redoing it.  And posting the previous comments so those don't have to be redone, but ya can add or change iffen ya want.

The poll was basically (from our imperfect memory):

Megan had a cat.
She doesn't have one now.
She loves us cats...
She should have one.

The poll is:

A.  Megan should get a cat.
B.  Megan should get a small kangaroo.
C.  Megan should remain catless.
D.  Megan should get a Flatcat
E.  Megan should start a blog pretending she has a cat.
F.  Megan should start a blog talking about cats.
G.  None of the above.

The previous comments were:

1.  "Megan here! I have had cats in the past and loved them. I consider myself to be a Cat Person. Woofies? Waste of oxygen and smelly to boot.

The last cat I had was the Cat of a Lifetime. He died when he was only 2 1/2 years old and it hurt. Since then, I haven't felt the need to have another cat. There are various reasons. Visiting a number of cat blogs everyday does help fill the void - in fact, it helps enormously. I thank all the cats whose blogs I visit for enriching my life.

So, there's no point voting 'A', 'cos it ain't gonna happen. TBT's reference to the small kangaroo is that he knows that I live close to a national park here in Sydney and our garden - well, I should say 'yard' - is visited several times a week by wallabies, who munch every new shoot in sight. Makes it impossible to have a nice garden. But, the wallabies are wild, and trying to keep one as a pet would be a challenge. LOL

I don't feel as though I AM catless, 'cos I'm sharing the lives of a number of cats on their blogs - without the downsides of fishy-breath kisses in the morning, litter trays (ugh!) and cat fur on everything in the house. I do miss purrs and cuddles though.

Flatcat - hmmmm. Doesn't appeal I'm afraid.

A blog talking about cats? Well, I think that would grow tired and boring very quickly and readership would dwindle to zero within a month.

None of the above is probably the way I'm gonna go - provided I'm still a welcome visiting on your blogs.

Thank you for your thoughts on my behalf.

Sydney, Australia”

2.   "Megan's mother here..........all that she has written is correct, but to be honest, she is pretty chuffed to think that she has been featured on your blog ( I'll get into trouble for that comment!)

Noela Sydney Australia”

3.  “Meezer Mews...Awww, sorry you lost your kitty so young, Miss Megan.

We think since you 'know' about kitties you should feel free to comment...and we welcome your interesting and thought provoking comments!

Maybe sometime a new kitty will decide to have you as his/her mom, they can be like that you know...they are choosy!

Our pawrents had some strays eons of years ago that chose them...but that was long before our time…”

4.  “Summer… Megan, you are always welcome to come visit me! Although I do think you should have a cat. I know my human could never be without one, even though she lost her soul cat 13-1/2 years ago. She's still happy she has us, plus Binga and Boodie are rescues, plus I'm kind of special in my own way.”

5.  “Sometimes Cats Herd You… Megan, there are always cats out there when you're ready to share your life with one. And there are plenty of us to visit in the meantime! Our Aunt O said for years that she didn't want a cat, she had us to visit, then after our grandpeep passed away she had our grandpeep's cat. We expected that Earl would come live with us, but Aunt O is so happy with him that she got another cat to keep him company. Cats work in mysterious ways…”

6.  “Whiskeratti… You are very welcome to visit OUR blog any time. We, too, think you should get a kitteh, but only when you're ready.”

7.  “Flynn… Never say never Megan. When our first cat died it hurt so much we thought we couldn't go through the heartache again. We were without a cat for 5 years until a stray kitten stole our hearts and we knew then what we had been missing. He was the first of many.”

8.  “ Brian… C” 

Now let's pretend we here didn't delete the poll and continue with it...

 Comments and votes please...

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Towel Thursday

IZA:  Well, last night, TBT got me with a dishtowel!  I havent liked that in the past.
I wasn't sure about it at first this time either...
I gave him a glare.
But I had to admit...
There was something good about it....
 Warm...  And note that we are ALL asleepy here..  When IM chillaxed, everybody's calm...
Dont wake me up.
 I can deal with this.
For quite a while...
Just keep TBT sitting still fer a while...  A long while.  I'll put up with it "somehow"...

Bet you yawned too, MOL!